13 Things People Say To Girls Who Have A Boyfriend (But WHYYY?)

13 Things People Say To Girls Who Have A Boyfriend (But WHYYY?)
Being in a relationship has its own perks, but once you get into a serious one, it looks like the world gets divided into two halves. The first half belongs to the people who are in love and the second half consists of the people who are probably still looking for their ‘one in a million’. Here are 13 things couples are tired of hearing! Just so that, next time, you can stop yourself before saying any of the following...

1. ‘Do you guys do everything together?’

No. We both have our own lives and like to let each other breathe. But you won’t let us breathe, will you? 1 Things couples are tired of hearing

2. ‘So, how did you two meet?’

Okay, so we don’t really mind being asked this, but if we are telling the story to a bunch of people and you’re late, please do NOT ask us to repeat!

3. ‘Do you at any point wish that you were single?’

NO. Just no. Not to your questions but to YOU!

4. ‘When are you two getting married?’

This is the worst, especially when we’re not thinking about it. And truth be told… We don’t know! So, stop… Please?

5. ‘What will happen if you two break up?’

Why do you think it’s okay to ask such a question? 5 Things couples are tired of hearing

6. ‘I just hate relationships. I don’t know how you do it.’

Great story! Can we please never hear it again?

7. ‘Your babies will look so cute!’

Wow! And we didn’t know you had the power to envision the future...

8. ‘But you know, everything is pretty temporary in life.’

And you know what else is? Your presence in my life.

9. ‘I like my freedom a lot.’

Me too, you know. High-five! 8 Things couples are tired of hearing

10. ‘What do you guys usually do on Valentine's day?’

Erm… We don’t think we want to advertise our plans to everyone.

11. ‘Has it really been THAT LONG?’

Yes. Yes. And for the umpteenth time… YES!

12. ‘Do you ever get attracted to other men?’

Btw, how come you don’t think before you speak?

13. ‘You’ve really never cheated on him, ever?’

Isn’t it time for you to leave yet? 13 Things couples are tired of hearing GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr