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The First Time I Had Sex With Him… Without A Condom!

The First Time I Had Sex With Him… Without A Condom!
When you are in a long distance relationship, you know that sex is out of question. But when you do meet, you also remember that sex is AMAZING! Waiting for it makes it all the more exciting. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost five years now and last year when I moved to a different city, we didn’t have sex for months. Tough, yeah, I know.
Anyway, this one time I remember, we had a fight and we didn’t talk for almost a week. And when you fight in a long distance relationship, making up isn’t as easy as it is when you know you can just go and give him a hug, hoping it’ll all be fine. Things take their own sweet time and after seven days of not talking to him, I was missing him like crazy and all I wanted was to see him. So I booked my tickets and decided to surprise him. It was an impromptu plan. I skipped classes that day, packed my bags and just left. In a relationship, once the honeymoon period ends, it’s difficult to get that spark back. You don’t feel the adrenaline rush anymore... Instead, it’s more about the comfort you share with that person. But that day, while I was travelling to see my boyfriend, I felt a new kind of excitement. It was a different feeling and I couldn’t wait to see how he’d react once he sees me at his doorstep. I hadn’t felt this way in a really long time. I had an overnight journey ahead of me and every minute felt like an hour. I didn’t sleep and kept imagining the moment when he’ll open the door and see me. I had coordinated with his sister to make sure no one else would be at home when I reached his place. And so when I did reach, I rang the bell and hid. He came outside half asleep, looking for the person who rang the bell and I jumped and stood right in front of him. He opened his half-opened eyes in excitement and said, ‘oh baby’ and hugged me tightly (longest hug we’ve ever had by the way).
Internal sex without a condom We stepped inside his room and we just couldn’t stop kissing. Soon we were on his bed, undressing each other. Things were getting hot and heavy and we couldn’t stop ourselves from NOT having sex. He asked me if I wanted to do it without a condom (since I had surprised him, after all) and I just nodded. We went on to have the most amazing sex ever but I obviously asked him to pull out. And to be clear - the sex wasn't amazing because we did it without a condom, but because we did it after a really, really long time. After we were done though, we both realized that what we did was not exactly the ideal thing to do even though, at that time, we just wanted to be with each other. We spent the whole day together, lying on the bed, cuddling, watching Netflix and eating. Next morning I had to leave and so he came to drop me off. We kissed goodbye and as soon as I boarded my train, I started missing him again.
Few days later, I was supposed to get my period but I didn’t. I was late. I called up my boyfriend and told him. He got worried too. We were still hopeful that it’ll happen in another day or so but it didn’t. I tried whatever I could to get down. I ate papayas, I ate almonds, I did whatever my friends suggested would help me get my period but still, it didn’t happen. I was seven days late and I was going crazy. Every moment of those 7 days I was regretting having sex without a condom and my boyfriend felt guilty too. Of course, he wasn’t the only one at fault and no, we weren’t sure that we were pregnant yet but the tension was getting to me. I didn’t sleep for one whole night and decided that I’ll take the pregnancy test. I woke up the next morning and when I was stepping out to go to the chemist, I got my period. I can’t describe how relieved I was. I immediately called my boyfriend and told him. He was relieved too and while we were talking, we decided never to have sex without a condom - ever again! Images: Shutterstock