You’re On The *Right* Track If You’re Feeling These 10 Things!

You’re On The *Right* Track If You’re Feeling These 10 Things!
Stepping into our 20s feels a lot like free fall - from being guided and helped by protective parents to ushering in a new phase where we are suddenly responsible for ourselves. From career choices to what we are going to have for dinner - it all depends on us. We tend to doubt ourselves but there are positive ways to realise that your life is definitely on the right track. Here are 10 signs you are on the right track!

1. You look forward to every day

You get up every morning with the enthusiasm and zest to be your productive best.

2. Challenges excite you!

You don’t shy away from professional challenges and are always willing to execute a task to the best of your abilities.

3. You feel a sense of pride

…in your accomplishments. You are where you are because of your own merit and hard work! 3 signs you are on the right track

4. You’re in a happy place

As an adult, it is important to realise that not everything in life is going to go your way. But being happy and optimistic motivates you to keep chasing your goals.

5. You’re always up for lending a helping hand

If a colleague or a friend is stuck in a dilemma, you are the first one to empathise and offer help.

6. You are not insecure

You have a clear vision for where your life is headed at the moment and you are keen on charting your own path, unfazed by whatever others are doing. 6 signs you are on the right track

7. Failures don’t scare you

They don’t make you feel worthless, instead, failures serve as a much-needed impetus for you to keep moving forward and not make the same mistake twice.

8. You keep your chin up

You don’t carry emotional baggage from your previous relationships and let that factor in your current love life.

9. You always feel you have a lot more to learn and achieve

No amount of success or fame changes the fundamental aspects of your personality because you believe there is a world of things left to explore and learn. No matter how busy you are you always find time to spend with your friends and family. 9 signs you are on the right track

10. You value your independence

You have your own value system and you are not wary of taking risks and walking the less travelled path. Self-aware, in charge of your life, you can whip up a mean omelette, keep your finances in place and also pamper yourself, whenever you want to.    GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr