10 Signs That Prove That His *First* Priority Is… YOU!

10 Signs That Prove That His *First* Priority Is… YOU!
Not every guy is Shah Rukh Khan, swinging his arms open and professing his love to a woman in the middle of a mustard field. But the fact of the matter is, good guys do exist. They might not be as romantic as SRK is on the silver screen, but they are emotionally mature, professionally stable and make you feel respected and loved in a relationship. Here are 10 signs that prove that you are actually his first priority!

1. He checks up on you

On the good days and the bad days. He knows that your boss isn’t taking you seriously, you hate your lunch and you fought with your mom in the morning. He doesn’t mind your qualms and lends an empathic ear every time you need him around as a good friend.

2. He reciprocates

One cannot clap with one hand. A relationship needs two people to click. Your kindness and love needs to be reciprocated by him in an equal measure (if not more). Material gifts, not so much. It's the thought that counts, that's all!

3. He lends a helping hand

Nothing like a man with zero sense of entitlement who comes home and shares the household chores, without being asked to! 3 his first priority

4. He doesn’t ignore you

Even when you are being plain unreasonable… He listens to you before pointing out that maybe it was your fault that your best friend isn’t talking to you. And he's usually right!

5. He keeps it real

If he is facing some problem in the relationship, he won’t beat around the bush and just tell you about it. And honesty helps a great deal in sustaining a relationship and helping it grow.

6. He is driven   

An ambitious man is likely to put you first because he has clear goals - for his professional and personal life. He wouldn't put a half-hearted effort in your relationship because he wants to execute his life’s decisions to perfection.
6 his first priority

7. He respects you…in bed!

Men may be a little more forthcoming when it comes to intimate affairs, but he is very keen on knowing and understanding what is it that you like in bed… Your desires, fantasies -- not in a perverse way of course, but in an effort to know you more closely.

8. He is observant

Even if he doesn’t remember dates, he knows the movies that you like, the songs that make your day infinitesimally better, he is aware that you are not too fond of flowers as gifts and would prefer your favourite brand of chocolates instead. And that's really what it comes down to.

9. He doesn’t mind PDA

He is proud to be seen as your partner, he is comfortable with being affectionate towards you in a public space - he is always holding hands, planting an occasion kiss on your cheeks. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that! 9 his first priority

10. He respects your professional freedom

He understands that you can’t be in touch constantly or ditch dinner plans because you need to be disciplined and focused at your workplace. He is supportive of your ambitions and is your greatest cheerleader. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr