11 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A One-In-A-Million Kinda Man!

11 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A One-In-A-Million Kinda Man!
A good man is hard to find - at least from what we’ve always heard people saying. But gentlemen do exist and there is one out there for every girl. Chances are, he is stuck in a jam or something. For the ones still waiting, there is always hope but for the ones who are already with someone, you might as well just hold on tight to him especially if he shows the following signs. Ladies, here are some signs you are dating an amazing man!

1. He looks at you like you’re magic

He notices the tiniest things about you that no one else does… Be it a haircut or a new dress, he will be the first one to notice. He loves you just the way you are and thinks you are beautiful. Let’s just say he is your biggest fan. (After mom of, course!) 1 signs you are dating an amazing man

2. He admits it when he is wrong

It’s not in every human being to admit his/ her fault especially when the argument keeps heating up. If he admits that he is wrong and wants to end the argument right away by hugging you, then there is nothing more valuable than that.

3. He takes extra care of you when you are on your period

That time of the month can be depressing. The mood swings can be bizarre. If he understands them and holds your hand through it then he is the one you want to keep. We swear! 3 signs you are dating an amazing man

4. He has goals and is determined to reach them

He knows what he wants and is very sure of how he wants to get there. Even if things pull him down in life, he knows how to get back up. He is not only sure of what he wants but is also sure of who he wants to achieve it all with… You, of course!

5. … And he always supports your dreams too

Not only does he know what he wants but he also pushes you to follow your dreams. He constantly lifts you up when you feel low and he is the reason why you never back down.
5 signs you are dating an amazing man

6. He cares about your friends

Your friends mean the world to you and he knows it. He genuinely enjoys hanging out with them once in a while and your friends love him too.

7. When you’re alone with him, he wants nothing but you

If he ditches his social media and his phone (unless it is a super important call) because he finds it more important to be with you, then, you really need nothing more. It feels good to be loved and to know that you are important to someone. 7 signs you are dating an amazing man

8. He initiates intelligent conversations with you

A relationship should make you grow. As much as you need someone to be goofy with all day, you also need someone to have intelligent conversations with. It not only makes the both of you grow but is very engaging in terms of feeling strong together.

9. You guys have a great physical chemistry

Having great physical chemistry with your partner is also extremely important. If you’re attracted to him physically and enjoy your time in bed with him then, trust us girls, you have found your man! 9 signs you are dating an amazing man

10. He knows you’re clumsy and takes care of you regardless!

Are you the girl who can potentially break almost everything you touch? We feel you. Do you fall while walking and have no idea why? Sure! Does he laugh at the goofiest things you do and still hug you and tell you that he loves you? NEVER LET HIM GO!

11. He never lets you sleep angry or restless.

He tries his best to sort out any argument or fight before you sleep so that you sleep in peace. This is what makes him a one-in-a-million kind of man. Touchwood! 11 signs you are dating an amazing man
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