10 Signs You And Your Guy Will Have The Best. Sex. EVER!

10 Signs You And Your Guy Will Have The Best. Sex. EVER!
If the two of you are planning to take it to the next level, it’s important to know if you share a certain level of sexual compatibility. After all, nobody wants to have bad sex, right? Here are 10 signs that will definitely show that you and him will have the best sex EVER!

1. You can feel the spark

There is an instant connection and you can feel the spark. Yes, there is such a thing as a spark and we will forever stand by it. In some relationships, you work towards one, and in others, you have get it instantly, that’s the kind of relationship that guarantees great sex, if nothing else.

2. You are both aware of your own sexuality

Two of you as individuals have explored your sexuality and don’t necessarily need a partner. However, it’s a choice that you make consciously because you really would like to accentuate each other’s pleasure. 2 best sex ever

3. You communicate

You know when you want to have sex and how you want to have sex. You talk about what worked and what didn’t and how it can be made better without taking offence. Conversations about sex are after all, as important as sex itself.

4. You believe in reciprocation

You aren’t entirely selfish when it comes to matters inside the bedroom. Though you do focus on achieving your physical pleasure, you give equal importance to how your partner might or might not be feeling and you definitely give them as much (sometimes even more) pleasure as they give you and vice versa. 4 best sex ever

5. You keep the sexual tension alive

You don’t always turn the sexual tension into sex, at least not instantly. You like to feel the tension and the affect it has on you. Let it prosper through innocent touching and light kissing because the foreplay is as important as the main act.

6. You focus on the details

It’s the little things that count. The bigger picture is always good looking but when you focus on getting the intricate details right, that’s when you actually aim for something bigger and better. So you read up on sex and constantly ask your partner for their advice and what they want. What kind of touch they enjoy, where, how and all that jazz.
6 best sex ever

7. You laugh together

The most important part of any relationship, even sexual, is the ability to laugh together. If you two can find humour in what you do then chances are you will find humour in all kinds of awkward moments that sex has to offer.

8. You always choose quality over quantity

To the both of you, it’s not the time number of times you have had sex that matters, it’s how intense and pleasurable it was that makes the difference. If you focus on the quality, the quantity grows in a proportional manner. 8 best sex ever

9. You are always raising the stakes

Not that you do anything to make your partner uncomfortable but both of you are always up for trying new things because you know a little too well that monotony in the bedroom is good for none.

10. You take it slow

Rushing into anything is for the fools. You make sure you take it slow and steady, and yes, win the race! *Wink* 10 best sex ever GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr