#Aww: 10 Signs He *Really* Wants You To Be His Girlfriend!

#Aww: 10 Signs He *Really* Wants You To Be His Girlfriend!
While men might not be shouting from rooftops proclaiming their love for you, they will certainly go out of their way and fight for you, if they want you to be a part of their lives. Here are 10 real signs he likes you and that he wants you to be his girlfriend!

1. He is not scared of commitment

And he will let you know, during your interactions, that he likes the idea of sharing his life with someone. He doesn’t believe in playing it cool and cuts to the chase and asks people out if he wants to spend time with them. As he has done with you! 1 signs he likes you

2. He is not insecure

He is respectful of your existing lifestyle and isn’t overbearingly insistent for you to constantly make time for him. He knows you will do it when you can anyway.

3. He asks you about your feelings

And specifically, your feeling towards him. When this question comes your way, it is very likely that he is just testing the waters before actually asking you out.

4. He plans good dates

That doesn’t mean indulging in extensive and expensive activities all the time. He will make an effort to know your interests and take you out accordingly. 4 signs he likes you

5. He stops seeing other women

The casual culture of dating allows us to jump from one boat to another without any real consequences. But when he stops spending time flirting with other women, his actions make it abundantly clear that he want to be exclusive with you.

6. He is emotionally honest with you

Many guys feel the need to project this ‘alpha male’ image in front of the women they like - strong, confident, protective, etc. But when he is willing to move past the charade and is actually vulnerable in front of you, it’s because he trusts you with his emotions. It is a testament to how seriously he takes you.

7. His body language speaks a thousand words

He will instinctively hold your hand while crossing the road, put his arms around you while you navigate your way through a crowded public place, make it a point to hug you before you part ways... His body language shows that he is in it for the long haul.
7 signs he likes you

8. He reassesses his priorities

By this point, you might have had quite a number of fights. But with each time, it gets better, the resolution arrives faster. You have been clear about the fact that you do like him, and now he is willing to consider the fact that he needs to make certain changes in his life to accommodate you in it.

9. He doesn’t take you for granted

If a man genuinely fancies you, he will try and impress you. Sometimes it’ll be through special surprises, or he will sneak in a compliment everytime you look stunning, and he would probably also want to find out what your shared interests are so that you guys can spend even more time together.

10. He is proud to know you

He is very happy about your professional achievements and trusts your instincts as an individual. He takes great pride in introducing you to other people, which makes you feel special and wanted. 10 signs he likes you GIFs: Tumblr