10 Signs He Is Genuinely A Great Guy! (Don’t Let Him Go, Girl!)

10 Signs He Is Genuinely A Great Guy! (Don’t Let Him Go, Girl!)
You don’t always meet the nice guys, do you? And at some point it becomes a little difficult to guess if the guy you’re seeing is genuinely in love with you or not. Some of his actions are super sweet but at other times, he doesn’t really seem to reciprocate your feelings. Then you start questioning if he’s into you for the long haul or not... Well, here are 10 signs he is a great guy and the reasons you shouldn’t let him go, at all!

1. He gives you time

Anyone who gives you their time obviously values you in their life. Especially when you enter your 20s, you want someone who gives you time. He could show this by replying to all of your texts or just by making sure he meets you once a week. 1 he is a great guy

2. He respects you...

… For who you are as a person, your beliefs and values. Respecting your identity and your opinions comes to him naturally. If he can accept the difference of opinions, discussions and debates and almost never turns them into arguments, he’s definitely worth holding on to.

3. He cuddles with you when you’re low

If he knows you had an awful day at work and he shows up at your doorstep with a bowl of ice cream - the guy’s a keeper, girls! It shows he cares for you and can’t see you sad even for a slight, small moment! 3 he is a great guy

4. He listens to you

When you keep talking non stop… About life or about your day. Be it gossip or something you’d like to share about yourself, if he lends you an ear and genuinely wants to hear you out when you have something to say, he’s surely into you.

5. He motivates you

He wants you to achieve your dreams and aspirations. And the times you’re feeling like shit? Well, if he picks you up and reminds you of your awesomeness, then girl he seriously might be ‘the’ one!
5 he is a great guy

6. He makes you laugh

What’s life without some laughter, right? If he can make you laugh till your tummy hurts and you get teary eyed, he’s really the man you want to have by your side for the rest of your life, ladies!

7. He always asks you for advice

He values you and hence, he wants you to be involved in his life and give him feedback as and when required. Be it his career goals or a teeny tiny fight with his best friend, if he shares it with you and wants your opinion on it, trust us, he’s a great guy. 7 he is a great guy

8. He knows what you like...

… and what you dislike. Be it your favourite colour, your favourite cuisine, and the names of your best friends! He knows you in and out and wants to do things that will make you happy.

9. He surprises you

Sometimes by dropping by your doorstep and sometimes by picking you up when you didn’t expect him to! And other times, when he sends you a package of something you wanted for so long... Why would you ever want to leave such a guy?! 9 he is a great guy

10. He wants to be a part of your life…

And wants you to be a part of his life too. If he introduces you to your family and friends without you having to ask, he’s really a keeper, girls and he loves you to bits!
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