Sunday Shorts: 3 Toe-Curling Tales Of Lust Taking Over!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Toe-Curling Tales Of Lust Taking Over!

1. The most interesting, boring party ever...

I could almost feel his gaze on me, my backless dress probably working its magic. As I turned around, once again he looked away. I picked up 2 glasses of champagne from the bar, went up to him and said, ‘You’re not subtle, you know?’ as I offered him a glass. His lips curled into a flirtatious smile, ‘I was kind of hoping that’d be okay considering this party is so utterly boring.’ I downed the rest of my champagne in one gulp and said, ‘Care to make it interesting?’ We found our way to a small empty room on the second floor and before we knew it, we had both stripped each other naked and were busy exploring each other’s bodies.
I have yet to go to a party more interesting than that one. 1 sexy tales of lust and passion

2. We found lust in a hopeless place

Honestly, I needed this solo trip to the hills to clear my head. I found myself in the hustle bustle of the city centre, sitting in a spacious cafe, reading a book and sipping on some ginger tea. He was sitting on an adjacent table, older and mysterious, reading a spiritual book. We called out to the waiter at the same time and our eyes met, we smiled simultaneously, grateful to be acknowledged. He beckoned the waiter to take my order first. When it arrived, I walked up to his table and thanked him. ‘Do you want to join me?’ I beamed as he asked me to sit with him. He had kind eyes and a big toothy grin. As the sun set, we were barely seated inches apart, our chemistry palpable. We decided to take a walk to the quieter outskirts of the town and kept talking. All the while, our bodies feverishly close, feeding off each other’s heat. When we finally kissed, the urgency was obvious. Our hands travelled the expanse of each other’s bodies and our mouths followed. There was a feeling of abandon, no stakes attached, yet we were inexplicably tender and sensitive of the other person’s need.      I am now back from my trip, but I think it has healed me in more ways than one.
2 sexy tales of lust and passion

3. Professional indiscretion!

'Will you search for a place where I can have you quickly, or should I?' he whispered in my ear in the middle of an investor's meeting. My boyfriend, who also happened to be my business partner, was looking at me like he wanted to devour me. Who could resist that intense gaze and crazy body? Not me! 'Give me 5 minutes' I whispered back... 'Excuse me, we need 10 minutes to discuss your offer.' And the two of us literally left the conference room, practically running. Back in his cabin, he quickly did away with my clothes and me with his trousers. Kissing my neck, he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. Both of us were lost in each other's bodies. Exactly 10 minutes later we returned to the conference room, all professional and ready to negotiate the terms. Only our smiles betrayed the indiscretion! 3 sexy tales of lust and passion Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr