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11 ‘Sexting Emojis’ To Get *Naughty* With Him Over Texts!

Isheeta Sharma

Junior Lifestyle Editor

All of us who’ve tried sexting at some point or the other, know that it’s no easy task. Most days, you don’t even know what you’re doing or how you’re supposed to be doing it. In fact, one of the few things that distinguish our sexts from creepy texts are our beloved emojis. Here are 11 sexting emojis that you must use to make things super hot!

1. The Lipstick Kiss

1 sexting emojis

What’s better than a kiss, you ask? The lipstick mark it leaves behind. This emoji instantly gives a classy, sexy and horny vibe and isn’t that exactly what you want to get across?

2. The Tongue

2 sexting emojis

For the time you want to get some clicking and licking done! *Wink*

3. The Lips Too Close Emoji

3 sexting emojis

Text him something dirty and follow it up with this emoji. It will be like you’re almost whispering it to him!

4. The Smirk

4 sexting emojis

How do you convey your tone through texts? Through this emoji, of course! This emoji is perfect for whenever you want to say something naughty and sexy at the same time!

5. The Junk Emojis

5 sexting emojis

Talk intimate without being OTT. If both of you know that these fruits are definitely not just fruits then you are on the right track!

6. The Devil Smirk

6 sexting emojis

Who says you have to be all nice and angelic all the time? Definitely not when you’re sexting. It’s time to unleash the devil in you. Follow this up with something really dirty or something you wouldn’t usually say.

7. The Relieved Face

7 sexting emojis

When you send him a naughty text, chances are, he will respond to it in an even sexier way. That’s when you use this cutesy face. It shows you’re shy and happy but only just warming up!

8. The Kissy Face

8 sexting emojis

Kisses are, of course, a part of every conversation but when sent while sexting they are so much hotter. So, keep on sending them, girls!

9. The Bikini

9 sexting emojis

When you are both expressing everything through words, and graphic texts about what you’re wearing, why not what’s underneath? It will also save you the trouble of actually sending a picture if you’re not ready!

10. The Heart Eyes

10 sexting emojis

Are you lovin’ what you’re seeing? Show it! You might be surprised how comforting yet sexy this emoji can be, especially when you can’t be with him to show him all your love!

11. The Spanking Hand

11 sexting emojis

Has he been naughty? Or have you? Make sure you use this spanking hand often enough as both the punishment and the reward!

Internal Images: Emojipedia

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Published on Apr 27, 2017
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