10 Ways Sex In Real Life Is SO Different From The Movies!

10 Ways Sex In Real Life Is SO Different From The Movies!

Movies have always given us hope for a lot of things in life, and in some ways, set unrealistic expectations too! So ladies, it’s time for a reality check, because no violins play when you fall in love, roses don’t magically start falling from the sky when someone proposes to you, and sex is not just about some action between those crisp white bed sheets (in case, you thought it was). Here are 10 ways in which sex in real life is different from sex in the movies!

1. Those white bed sheets though.

First things first, unless you’re in a hotel room, you don’t really get to have sex on a white bed sheet every time. There is pink, blue, orange, and so many prints too! 1 sex in real life

2. Perfect bodies and all that jazz.

Guys have six pack abs and the girls have a perfectly curvy figure in movies. But in real life, there are paunches and flab. Which is fine too, just in case you were wondering. There is no such thing as a perfect body. Okay? Okay!

3. There is no background music playing.

Unless you deliberately play some music. There is no one actually singing and swinging. There is actually moans and loud noises.

4. You don’t stay in one position throughout.

You don’t always have sex with a fancy sheet covering you two, and if it is, it definitely doesn’t stay in place throughout the act. You are actually all over the place and the bed looks like a mess when you’re done. 4 sex in real life

5. There is quite a bit of foreplay.

Okay, so it’s funny how in the movies, one moment they’re kissing, and cut to the sex scene, and before you know, it’s over. THAT does not happen in real life. You take time to finish the foreplay and then get to sex, eventually. Duh!

6. You don’t look drop dead gorgeous throughout!

The actors and actresses look way too good while they’re having sex. Seriously, the awesomely blow dried hair, perfect makeup and lipstick, ugh! How does that even stay in place throughout?! Well, in reality, it doesn’t, because you don’t have your glam team doing hair and makeup touch-ups every few minutes. Your hair is probably half undone, your lipstick smudged and your eye makeup wiped off when you’re having sex in real life!

7. It’s not so easy to have sex anywhere and everywhere!

Under the shower, on the table, in the kitchen or even in the car. No matter how exciting it is to actually have sex in all these places, it’s not always as easy as shown in the movies. They just make it seem like it’s a cake walk… when in real life, you probably plan this out fully before actually doing it! 7 sex in real life

8. Awkward moments galore!

How can you actually have sex without any awkward moments? The movies omit the awkward moments and keep it super sweet, sexy and hot! But there is banging of heads, your nose touching his when you kiss, slipping in and out of each other and it is all very common!

9. You don’t always sleep next to each other after sex.

A lot of times, people don’t usually get the chance to spend the night with each other (or the entire day) and wake up next to that person. It’s different from the movies, wherein a sex scene is followed by the couple waking up in each other's arms!

10. And when you do stay over, you don’t wake up looking like a princess (neither does he look like a prince).

And when you sleep right next to him all night, you just don’t wake up looking like Katrina from Baar Baar Dekho. You just don’t, okay! 10 sex in real life GIFs: Giphy