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11 Sex Experiences To Check Off On Your Honeymoon! *Wink*

After all the tiring functions and rituals, it is possible that you and your husband might not have sex on your wedding night! So, you might only get to spend ‘alone time’ together on your honeymoon. On this vacation you both would be forming a physical as well as an emotional bond with each other. To make sure it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed about, we have 11 sex experiences to make your honeymoon more memorable. *Wink*

1. Switch the powers

If one night your husband is the one taking control, take charge the next night. This switch would help you both experience new things every night!

1. sex experiences

2. Food in bed

Food and sex make a great combination. While you might not want to bring edible items in bed when you’re at home, your honeymoon is the time you feel free to experiment. Melted chocolates, strawberries or even ice - pick your weapon of choice!

3. Use the privacy!

Take advantage of the fact that you both are alone. The hotel room is all yours and you should make full use of it. You can undress each other in the living room, followed by hot sex in the shower, which can then be followed by an intense sex session in bed!

3. sex experiences

4. Sex on the beach

… Or in the woods. If you’re headed to a destination by the sea, go the beach at night and enjoy a make out session on the sand. This would be a memorable as well as a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience for the both of you!

5. Go commando!

The day you both make plans to go around the city, leave your panties in the hotel room. While you both are out, let your husband know that you are not wearing any underwear. This would drive him crazy! He’ll want to whisk you back to the hotel room as soon as possible.

5. sex experiences

6. Massage each other

There is nothing better in this world than giving your partner a relaxing massage. Take turns and give each other slow and sensual body massages. The massage will relax you after all that wedding madness and also, set the mood for love.

7. Flaunt some sexy lingerie!

Remember that night dress you had packed? Well, this is the time you pull it out. Wearing something sexy would instantly boost your confidence and make you feel SO good about yourself. You might want to put on a red lipstick and a pair of stilettos as well!

7. sex experiences

8. Use the mirror

Heat up things in front of the mirror in your room. Seeing you and your partner naked, and enjoying the act, would make things SO much hotter!

9. Experiment with role play

If you two go out clubbing, pretend to be strangers and behave as if you both just met at the club! Flirt with each other and invite him up to your room. The mere act of behaving like strangers would make you both feel liberated and make sex even more exciting!

9. sex experiences

10. Leave a note for him

If you go in for a shower before your husband, leave a dirty message on the mirror with your lipstick. Let him read the message and come look for you. He could then find you naked on the bed - ready for round two!

11. Spend a whole day in bed together

No, it does not mean you spend all day having sex. It can be a mix of that and cuddling! Order in yummy room service and lounge around in bed all day. It’s an opportunity to enjoy your honeymoon suite as well as spend quality time lazing with each other.

11. sex experiences

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Published on Apr 24, 2017
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