10 *Secret* Turn-Ons… Guys Just Can’t Resist These!!

10 *Secret* Turn-Ons… Guys Just Can’t Resist These!!

Turning your man on isn’t that difficult to do given you know what floats his boat and what doesn’t. So instead of limiting yourself to overt gestures to turn him on, try some subtle ways to get him in the mood and make him want you more than ever! Here are some secret things that are huge turn ons for guys!

1. Accidental Touches

Men find accidental grazes very sexy. If you want to seduce a guy, accidentally graze your hand against him or touch his arm for a fleeting moment. He’ll be thinking about it for a long time after you’ve left. 1 turn ons for guys

2. Make Eye Contact

It is said that eye contact that lasts more than six seconds is indicative of sexual interest. Eye contact also exudes confidence, another thing that men love. So look into his eyes sensually and let him know you want him - it’ll really turn him on.

3. Tease Him A Lil’

Winking at him, touching him seductively in public (with his permission, of course), stripping, talking dirty are all examples of teasing. Plus, teasing gives you an upper hand and men simply love it when women take control sometimes. 3 turn ons for guys

4. Have Sexual Confidence

A woman who knows what she wants in bed and is not afraid to ask for it can prove to be a huge turn on for men. Besides, it makes it much easier for them to pleasure you. So, strut your stuff, you’re beautiful!

5. Make Some Noise

Girls, take note! Guys love it when you moan or make some noise during sex. For them, it means that they are doing something right. In case you didn't know, engaging all five senses during sex makes for the best experience! 5 turn ons for guys

6. Wear His Clothes

Seeing you in his shirt or his boxers can be a huge turn on for him. There is something undeniably sexy about a woman who is wearing her man’s clothes!

7. Playing With His Hair

Your man might never ask you for it, but he loves it when you play with his hair. It can be during sex when you’re pulling it (gently, though) or during casual conversations when you run your hand through his hair lovingly. 7 turn ons for guys

8. Show Some Spontaneity

Pull him into a corner and give him a long kiss. Spontaneity brings freshness to the relationship and turns men on because it tells them that you’re just as interested as they are.

9. Peek-A-Boo

Men are extremely visual creatures. A little flash of skin can be all he needs for him to feel turned on. So show your man just a hint of some skin and he won’t be able to wait to have you all to himself later. 9 turn ons for guys

10. Chinese Whispers

Ears are a sensitive spot for most guys. Lean in when you’re sitting next to him, and whisper something dirty in his ears that you want to do to him later. Or just gently bite his earlobes in private. You’ll be surprised at just how well it works for your man! GIFs: Giphy