A Bride’s Guide To Buying The Best Sangeet Outfit - 10 FAB Tips!

A Bride’s Guide To Buying The Best Sangeet Outfit - 10 FAB Tips!
Going shopping for your sangeet outfit is a whole process in itself, and quite a crucial one, we have to say. There is a lot to keep in mind when you are setting out to pick that princess-y gown or the dreamy lehenga for the occasion. After all, it’s that one night you end up dancing a lot and are the centre of attention the whole time. So, just to ensure that you make the right choice of outfit and look gorgeous as ever, we’ve listed out the things you need to keep in mind when heading out to pick your sangeet outfit. These are all the tips you need!

1. What is the theme of the event?

Generally, people combine sangeet with cocktails and the sagan ceremony these days, which defines how the outfit should be. For a cocktail you can wear an evening gown, and for a sagan, a jacket skirt or a lehenga is a good idea.

2. What is the weather like?

2 sangeet outfit Since you are going to be doing a dance performance, you want to make sure to wear an outfit that keeps you comfortable while you are on the stage. After all, the limelight is going to be on you today. Sweat patches, heavy fabrics that won’t let you breathe or fabrics that result in skin rashes are definitely not your best options.

3. Are you comfortable with skin show or do you prefer something more conservative?

It’s important to know what you are going to be comfortable in - deep necks, shorter blouses, sleeveless, backless designs? Skin show may not be the best idea if you are going to be conscious about it all the time.

4. What shoes are you going to wear with it?

4 sangeet outfit It’s extremely crucial that you select a pair of shoes that you’ll be happy to wear the whole evening. It’s a evening of fun, dance and music. Wearing the highest heels may not be the best advice unless you are a pro at it.

5. What about the undergarments to wear with it?

If you are wearing a dress that is backless, but you have larger breasts, it’s imperative that the fit is on point, since you’ll not be wearing a bra then. Thus it’s important to know if you are going to be fine with no bra for a night of dancing and fun.

6. A lot of can-can in the outfit may make it difficult to move around freely.

6 sangeet outfit You don’t want to be carrying another few kilos on you which may make it even more cumbersome for you. Choose something that you can sway around  in without much hassle. A heavier fabric for the lehenga or skirt will keep pulling you down and you’ll only be bothered about it the whole evening. No bride would be happy about that!

7. Have a budget in mind.

The first pointer when you are going out shopping is knowing what you are okay with spending on the outfit. This will also help you finalize on one that doesn’t burn a hole on your pocket and looks nice on the stage too.

8. Don’t be too experimental with this one.

8 sangeet outfit On your sangeet, you ought to feel extra confident while you are doing the duet with your partner. Going for something that isn’t your style may not be the best idea. Your mind may always be thinking about that and this is surely not called for on a day as special as this one.

9. Pick a colour that is different than the other outfits you are selecting.

Wear a grey, pastel or a nude - you can select colours that are trendy and different than your other outfits. It’s the occasion where you can pick a colour that is unique. If you already have a diamond and emerald jewellery selected, pick an outfit that is will be a contrast to this so it stands out.

10. Don’t go with a whole entourage to pick this outfit.

10 sangeet outfit Once you are clear about the theme and what you want to wear, go out with an open mind and with one or two of your confidantes to select this outfit. If you go along with too many people, everyone will have a lot of opinions that may complicate your decision-making process. Internal Images: Shutterstock