10 Tiny Gestures That Help Make Your Relationship *Stronger*

10 Tiny Gestures That Help Make Your Relationship *Stronger*
Relationships are not like rocket science. You don’t need anything extraordinary to make them work, all you gotta do is simply keep at them and let your partner feel loved and cared for with small, romantic gestures. Put these 10 gestures to good use then, and watch them work like magic over your love life…

1. Smile at each other when you return home after a tiring day at work.

It’ll make both of you glad to be home, next to each other and that smile passed walking into the door will set right a lot of things that may have gone amiss during the day.

2. Call each other by silly pet names!

And reserve all rights to use them exclusively. Trust us, every time your partner will call you by it, you’ll feel oddly special. Like only you are his cuddle-bear, and no one else.
2 romantic gestures

3. Give and take the tightest of hugs!

Like you don’t want to let go. Like your partner's arms are the warmest, safest, happiest place you could be in. Hugs are therapeutic and an essential ingredient in all happy relationships.

4. Perfect every type of kiss in the world by practising daily.

A peck, a smooch, a french, a bite – whatever the mood demands, supply in abundance and you shall never have to worry about that spark fading away. 4 romantic gestures

5. Let your partner know when you’re missing them!

There’s nothing more heart-warming than being reminded that the person you love is thinking of you too. It’d make your partner feel needed and he’d want to race back home to you.

6. Set the mood, adjust the lightening, prepare the bed…

Everything looks and feels softer and more intimate in candle light. Break from routine, take charge and flirt with him and add another night to his memory that he won’t forget easily. A good sex life is a major boost to every relationship. 6 romantic gestures

7. Offer each other slow and long massages.

What better way to help your partner relax? Dim those lights, warm up some oil and work some magic with your fingers on his skin and watch him unwind under your touch. Sometimes, that’s all one needs.

8. Hold hands whenever, wherever!

There never was a gesture sweeter than holding hands. Whether you have company or you're alone, holding each other’s hand will instantly make you feel closer and cosier. 8 romantic gestures

9. Brag about each other to the world!

And let your partner know how proud you are to have them by your side. Mutual respect and admiration is key to every happy relationship, and leave no occasion to let your partner know that you admire him/ her.

10. Buy gifts for each other without a special occasion.

Little surprises like the book they were looking for, or movie tickets to the latest release or just a bunch of lilies – can make your partner's day and light up his/ her face with all the love that he/ she feels inside. 10 romantic gestures GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr