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10 Romantic Things A Newlywed *Secretly* Wishes Her Hubby Does!

10 Romantic Things A Newlywed *Secretly* Wishes Her Hubby Does!

The ‘just married’ phase of your marriage is truly the most romantic one. Not that the romance fizzles out later, but it all feels so fresh and new, considering it is the very beginning of your wedded life. And like every other woman, we’re sure you too secretly wish for your husband to do something cheesy or romantic to mark this special phase of your life. Yes lady, we hear you! And here are the most common romantic gestures wives want from their husbands. Maybe, you should ask a friend to share this with him. *Wink*

1. You wish he gets you breakfast in bed…

Not everyday but at least one day...just for the feel of waking up to a lavish breakfast waiting right next to your bed. Haven’t we all wished for that at some point? And then spending a good one hour just relishing the meal. What a Sunday that would be! 1 romantic gestures

2. You wish he sends you flowers…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive an unexpected delivery at your workplace. We know you don’t want this to be a regular thing, but on days you feel overloaded with work, maybe this one little surprise can be all it takes to cheer you up.

3. You wish he sings for you… In public!

Oh God, that is like every girls dream. Stepping into a swanky restaurant or it could even be a house party. And then when everyone's loosening up just a li’l bit, you hear your husband on the mike, flashing that adorable smile of his and dedicating a slow romantic number to you. And to see everyone else go, awww...that’s like the best feeling ever! 3 romantic gestures

4. You wish he proposes you…

Did you never have a real proposal? Then you’re so justified to wish for one. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your husband go down on one knee and ask you out...for life. It doesn’t have to be grand. It could be right inside your own bedroom and it’ll still be super special.

5. You wish he plans a surprise getaway…

On your birthday! You don’t want no gifts, you got plenty on the wedding. And your first birthday as a newly married girl is super special. It’s normal for a girl to wish that her husband whisks her away to a romantic destination to bring in the celebrations! 5 romantic gestures

6. You secretly wish to do a super sexy dance with him…

At a club, where probably no one knows you but once you two get it on, the crowd just clears the dance floor to watch the two of you get your groove on. So bollywood, but so sexy! You want to be able to move with him and you would love for him to wrap his arms around you and dance like no one’s watching.

7. You wish he leaves a note right next to your pillow…

On one of those days when he has to rush to the office earlier than you, you wish he’d leave a sweet little love note next to your pillow. Or even a love you note stuck on the refrigerator will do just fine. These little gestures go a long way in a relationship. 7 romantic gestures

8. You wish he secretly kisses you at a family gathering…

Because, it’s cute! We all like to feel loved and when your hubby lands a peck on your cheeks when his mom is looking away or pulls you to the corner for a quick make out session at a family function, you’ll feel like a teenager all over again!

9. You wish he plans a surprise party for you…

And invites all your friends and family. You want that perfect filmy scene where you walk in and all your dear ones jump up from behind the sofas. God, now wouldn’t that make him the best husband EVER! 9 romantic gestures

10. You wish for him to do up the room in the most romantic way ever…

For that special night, you wish he goes all out and lights the room with scented candles, puts on some romantic music and pours you your favourite wine. A hot water bath wouldn’t hurt either. What say?! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Apr 21, 2017
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