10 Reasons Sex Could Hurt - And What You Can Do About It!

10 Reasons Sex Could Hurt - And What You Can Do About It!
Do you feel uneasy or uncomfortable during sex? Or feel pain? Let’s just say, sex isn’t supposed to make you feel this way. It’s supposed to make your body and you feel amazing. So if discomfort is what you’ve been feeling the most times you had sex, then there might just be something wrong. Here are 10 reasons you might be feeling pain during sex and how you can change that!

1. A lack of foreplay

1 pain during sex Painful intercourse could be a direct result of not getting enough foreplay. Foreplay is very important for a woman. Let’s admit, it’s not as easy for women to get turned on as it is for men. Even with foreplay, you have to figure out what gets you going. It’s a long drawn process but an important one at that. What you can do: Talk to your partner about your need for foreplay. Do things that specifically address this issue. Spend at least half an hour on just foreplay before you take things further. Also explore things you can do to him when it comes to foreplay and what excites you.

2. When you are using the wrong position

There are chances that your pain is due to the position you’re having sex in. Some positions are just more painful than others and there isn’t anything wrong with your body in that case. What you can do: Try a different position. Do your research about positions that are easier for women and give them a shot one by one until you find something that works best for you.

3. There isn’t enough lubrication

3 pain during sex If you are dry down there (which doesn't always have something to do with being turned on) then penetration might be painful. We often think foreplay will do the trick but sometimes you just need some extra lubrication.
What you can do: Try water-based lubricants, especially if you haven’t tried lubricants before. This will ease things for you and make sex less painful.

4. You’re allergic to the product you’re using

If you are already using lubricants but still find it tough to have sex without pain, then you could be allergic to the product itself. Many lubricants contain chemicals that might just be harmful for you. Even sex toys, for that matter… The material used in making them can be harmful to your body without you even realizing. What you can do: Stop using the product immediately and get yourself checked by a doctor. It is only after a proper diagnosis that you should choose to continue or discontinue the product you are using.

5. Your body is stressed

5 pain during sex You spend the day working and stressing about work without any time to relax. This stress can cause your body to react a certain way, one of which is feeling closed off during sex. What you can do: De-stress before sex. Take a warm bath or just spend some time alone letting go of all the tension. Another way would be to get your partner to give you a little sensual massage!

6. When hygiene isn’t taken care of

During sex it’s not just your hygiene that matters, but also your partner’s. Take fingering for example, make sure your partner has clean hands before he gets down to business. The bacteria can cause infections you wouldn’t even know about!
What you can do: Make it a point that you and your partner wash hands and keep things clean before you get together for some action. Just make sure that hygiene is always on point!

7. Vaginal infections!

7 pain during sex Yeast infections, bacterial infections - can be an issue when it comes to sex. They are caused due to various issues and you might not even realize you have an infection for a long time. What you can do: Get tested by your doctor. Most of these infections are easily curable, all you need to do is get the proper treatment.

8. When you haven’t had sex in a while

If you haven’t had sex in a while then don’t worry. A little discomfort is natural. No, you haven’t been re-virginized (whatever that means) but you are bound to feel a little pain. What you can do: Lube can make it a little easy for you but mostly, in such a situation, the discomfort lasts only a few seconds and it soon turns into pleasure.

9. You have ingrown hair down there

9 pain during sex A bikini wax or a shave down there can lead to unpleasant pimples that can cause pain during sex because of the friction. They are not just annoying but leave you feeling pretty uncomfortable.
What you can do: Lather up on skin soothing serums and wait it out. If this happens to you often, then try to have a day or two of gap between your waxing appointment and your other… Well, appointment.

10. There is a genital size difference

Which basically means your partner is a large and you’re small. Genital size difference can be a cause of pain for many people. What you can do: You can try using lubrication to make it a little easier or you can try changing the position you’ve been trying to something that doesn’t put all the pressure on you. Images: Shutterstock