Welcome To... POPxo World!

Welcome To... POPxo World!

POPxo began in 2014 with a single mission - to create great digital content for women in India - for women like you and me. After all, the mobile phone is the single best way of connecting with us, isn't it? We began with stories and listicles and then the great video revolution happened and we began creating our short videos. It all resonated and we are lucky now to have an audience of millions of women every month who love our content. :)

We have our own platforms - our desktop and mobile website (which you go to when you check us out on your browser) and our Android and iPhone app. On the app we offered some unique features - where you could connect with women just like you, ask and answer questions, create and take polls, follow and message each other.
With so many large pools of audiences who often are loyal to their version of POPxo - some of you only read us on Facebook, some know us only through Instagram or YouTube and some only on the app - we thought it was time to put it all together!  

So from today, you will get a single POPxo experience - across all our platforms!  

We would love for you to sign up and become part of POPxo World...

It's YOUR world, where you can Read great content, Watch our videos, Shop for things we have chosen especially for you and Hangout with women who are just like you. It’s a lot of fun!!

If you already have the app, then read on to see how we have improved it. If you don’t have the app, get it now!

I know it's a whole new look. :) Hope you love it!

Read. Watch. Shop. Hangout.

The top four icons are your access to POPxo world. It’s that simple.

popxo world 1

You choose what you want to do, when you want to do it. You are fully in control.

In the mood for POPxo content? Then click on the Read icon.

Our lists and stories - at your fingertips!

popxo world 2

Video more your thing? Then Watch is where you need to go.

Need your dose of Komal and Cherry madness? Here are all POPxo videos, in one place. Best of all - they play directly in POPxo World. You can watch one, go right back and watch the next!

popxo world 3

Love shopping? I do too! Click on Shop...

See an endless list of fabulous stuff we have curated...just for you. Done buying? Click on the cross on your browser and you will be back in POPxo World.

popxo world 4

If you want to Hangout (my favourite spot!)...

You have two options (for now). Do you want to answer questions or take polls? We know how much you love doing both! Select the one you want - and its feed will open up. All polls in one place - heaven, right?

popxo world 5

Now, if you would like to order POPxo World by category...

All you need to do is click Home and select what you are in the mood for. Fashion? Beauty? Or just a fun selection of stuff - Random? Whatever you want, simply select the category and all types of content will magically appear in the feed below.

popxo world 6

If you have something on your mind and don’t know who to ask...

... Or simply you can’t make your mind up about what you should do - then click on the pretty floating green button on the bottom right.

popxo world 7

You can ask a question or create a poll.

Just remember to tell us what category it belongs to! 

popxo world 8

Now coming to the brand new pink bar at the bottom...

It is the one place where you can quickly switch between home, your profile, messaging and search.

popxo world 9

Your profile page has had a makeover too!

There is an easy link to all your fab followers and the lovely peeps you follow. And the most important thing - your score and badges! And, of course, your activity feed is right below it.

popxo world 10

The hamburger menu - the three dashes on the bottom right - has all the practical stuff you need. It’s where you will find a link to changing your profile photo!

I really hope you love POPxo World. We’ve had a lot of fun creating it.



P.S.: Share it with your friends - we would love to welcome them to POPxo World too!