10 *New* Hair & Beauty Trends For The 2017 Bride… You Will LOVE!

10 *New* Hair & Beauty Trends For The 2017 Bride… You Will LOVE!
When it comes to getting dolled up for your wedding, you leave no stone unturned in making sure that you look nothing but stunning on your big day! What with all the research on outfits, makeup artists, hairstyles, et al. And it is for this very reason, that we went through Instagram to find you 10 new wedding beauty trends that caught our eye, and you should take a look too! These fresh, fab hair and makeup styles are some that you should totally emulate on your special occasion.

1. Flower Up

1wedding beauty trends Image: Mallika Bhatt on Instagram This bride’s makeup is subtle but look at those hatke floral embellishments on her bridal bun. A border made around it with gajra, and rose petals that cover the entire bun - this looks amazing and so different from what we’ve seen on brides so far. If you want to use gajra and flowers in a unique way, try this look.

2. Gold Dust

2 wedding beauty trends Image: Simran Kalra Yashpal on Instagram There is something about the the combination of red and gold. This bride stuck to it with her outfit, jewellery and makeup, and we love it. What caught our attention particularly was the highly pigmented, bold gold eyeshadow that has a very silky finish on the eyelids. Definitely a look worth taking inspiration from, don’t you think? Forget about bright coloured shadows, go for gold, we say!

3. Pink Magic

3 wedding beauty trends Image: Prerna Khullar on Instagram Princess vibes all the way! The shimmer pink eyelids, subtly winged eyeliner and the candy pink lips - this look is so different from the usual bridal getups. When we see a bold lip colour like that, it’s usually accompanied with smokey eyes and nude-ish colours on the rest of the face. This pink eyes and pink lips look has stolen our hearts!

4. All About The Eyes

4 wedding beauty trends Image: Chandni Singh on Instagram How mesmerizing is this eye makeup? We’re totally loving this soft dewy face, orange-ish brown lips, and the tons of liner and mascara that complete the look every so beautifully. The use of shimmery white eyeshadow around the inner corners of the eyes help them look super bright and adds a fresh vibe to the entire look. A refreshing look that is worth giving a shot, we think.

5. Traditional Touch

5 wedding beauty trends Image: Jasmeet Kapany Hair & Makeup on Instagram Red lips and smokey eyes are seen on brides often, but what makes this one stand out is the extremely bold eye makeup. Be it the bold liner that outlines the eyes, the dash of shimmer in the inner corners or the black eyeshadow that extends well out of the eye socket - every detail is beautiful. The tiny red bindi complements the look and makes it ever so bridal.

6. Get Messy

6 wedding beauty trends Image: Paveena Rathore on Instagram That messy bun with flicks framing the face is a refreshing change from the neatly parted hair that is placed very meticulously in a well-defined bridal bun. It gives out a very chic, effortlessly beautiful vibe which is a style to get inspired by, brides-to-be.

7. Oh That Subtle Wing

7 wedding beauty trends Image: Namrata Soni on Instagram The sheer minimalistic touch of makeup on this bride’s face is something we cannot stop staring at. The winged eyeliner, just a hint of kajal in the eyes, and soft pink lips and cheeks - what’s not to love?! This bride chose to go easy on her makeup, and it sure has worked well for her.

8. Plum-Tastic!

8 wedding beauty trends Image: Jasmeet Kapany Hair & Makeup on Instagram Those plum coloured lips and the silver shimmery eyes that go perfectly with this bride’s outfit have made us fall in love with this look. The plum blush has only added definition to that face cut, and to the overall bridal look manifold. Such a good change from the usual gold touch that we see on almost every bride.

9. Matte Mania

9 wedding beauty trends Image: Namrata Soni on Instagram A neat bun, and makeup that’s equal parts soft and striking. The matte pink lips, lovely smokey eyes and the pink tint on the cheeks makes this bride look oh-so-stunning! We’re in awe of the dewy look on this bride’s face, a finish that’s usually difficult to attain with matte makeup.

10. Ringlets Rage

10 wedding beauty trends Image: Pooja Sonik on Instagram You see the ringlets that frame this bride’s face on one side, while the other side flaunts an elaborate jhoomer? This is one royal bridal look that is sure to catch your attention. The shimmery rust eyeshadow and lips with the same shade on them is just the look to go for if you want to look different on your wedding.