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#MyStory: He Was My Complete Opposite But Even Then…

#MyStory: He Was My Complete Opposite But Even Then…

I used to stubbornly believe that two similar people are bound to fall for each other and that the concept of ‘opposites attract’ was actually not true. I always thought that people try to find a piece of themselves in the one they fall in love with… And this theory of mine had always worked (well, almost). But one day my world turned upside down and opposites actually started falling in love. I fell in love with someone whose beliefs were totally different from mine. Our personalities didn’t match, neither did our thoughts but I certainly was head over heels in love with this guy. When I was with him, I felt I couldn’t be spontaneous or adventurous, I had to be cautious and being carefree was out of question. I used to read stories about power couples who would do all kinds of crazy sh*t together and I had always pictured myself in exactly that kind of a relationship. 
I would frequently find myself wondering whether I really want this and is it really worth it? We would fight for days at a stretch. We used to get frustrated because of each other’s life choices. I wanted him to be more like me and he wanted me to behave like him. Life had become a complete mess. But I was certain that I didn’t want to leave him. So it went on…   Internal opposites attract I was in love with a man who was the complete opposite of the kind of person I was and to my surprise, I had become very comfortable with the situation. Over the course of time, I discovered a completely different side of me (I’m sure he must have discovered his other side too). I had discovered the cautious, proper, careful and comfortable me, who was so far, buried somewhere under the carefree me. But the best thing was that I gradually realized that I could still be my adventurous self when I was with him because he understood me so well. Yes, he wanted some things to be a certain way (his way…pff!) but he respected my choices and the fact that we were two people with very different personalities.  We had made peace with our differences. We accepted and cherished each other. In fact, we started appreciating each other’s choices. I understood how love doesn’t have to be a certain way. If two people, whether complete opposites or similar, are meant to be together, they will eventually find a way to end up together. You just have to accept the way other people are and you can unfold a different side of them as well as your own. And now, after a year and a half with this amazing man by my side, I have become a better version of myself. It’s funny how you change yourself for your loved ones but still remain the same within. 
There are no compromises in love but there certainly are changes which you have to make. They help you become a better version of yourself and understand each other a lot more. So, don’t be too stubborn, surrender yourself to love.  Images: Shutterstock Have a story you’d like to share? Just drop us an email here with your story – don’t forget to put #MyStory in the subject line. We’ll get back to you about whether we can feature it.
Published on Apr 29, 2017
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