13 ‘Moves’ That Are Turn-Ons For Every Girl (Guys, Listen Up!)

13 ‘Moves’ That Are Turn-Ons For Every Girl (Guys, Listen Up!)

Turning a man on is really no biggie anymore, right? We have all mastered (almost) the art of seduction! We know the push-buttons that set the mood right, but when it comes to us, men sometimes feel it’s rocket science. Here are 10 moves that turn women on and will help every guy up his game in bed. Dear men, we hope that you’re listening!

1. Hold our hands up

Little moves matter! We would love for you to hold our hands up and take control to make us feel like it’s been taken care of… If you know what we mean. A little domination in bed is something we have always liked! (No matter how dominating we are at times, otherwise) 1 moves that turn women on

2. Run your fingers through our hair

Consider this a secret weapon because it turns us on real quick! Especially, during foreplay, we would love if you’d run your fingers through our hair. And, we won’t even mind if you tug them a bit. A little wild is always welcome! *Wink*

3. Talk dirty to us

Not many men feel that it’s important to talk dirty during sex but we actually love it as much (if not more) as you do. Talking dirty can really spice things up a lot! ‘Tell’ what you want us to do next and say it in the huskiest voice. We will make sure it happens!

4. Pay more attention!

At the end of the day, nothing really turns us on as much as knowing that you’re paying a little extra attention to us. We love it when you notice the tiny details about our body, especially when we’re naked because that’s when we’re the most conscious! 4 moves that turn women on

5. Being gentle at times

We may love rough, wild sex but we also like a little bit of tenderness in between. No not just the mushy ‘I want to live with you forever’ kinds, but being gentle and arousing us with passionate kinda sex.

6. Try something different between the act

Case in point: Role play! Let’s get this straight - we love role play and we love it even more if you initiate it. It just makes us feel that you’re interested in trying new things. We all love experiments and just the fact that you want to try out something with us is enough to turn the heat up!

7. Tongue talk

Using the tongue can be very (verrryy) sexy. We love it when men use their tongue during the act, to lick our necks and especially when they give us a deep kiss. And when you go down on us… Well, no words can describe it! 7 moves that turn women on

8. Some nibbling will help

No, we don’t mean leave a hickey like we did in high school but just a soft little touch of your lips on our body gets us in the mood. We would just love a little bite on our ear or neck just to get us in the mood.

9. Multi-task a little

So, while men are at it, we would love them to multitask a little. For example, play with the tweenies while you’re pleasuring us with one hand or simply kiss us in the middle of the act. We love when men put in extra effort. It’s just ah-mazing!

10. Prolong the foreplay

Foreplay is the reason we orgasm, most of the time. We love it when you prolong the foreplay when we’re anticipating an intercourse, instead. There is nothing better than unexpected surprises in bed and this one is definitely a sure shot hit. Right, ladies? 10 moves that turn women on

11. Do a dirty dance

Moves like jagger? YES! We all love to feel a little extra special. What better than a guy who makes an extra effort to turn us on? Slow, dirty dancing or just a simple striptease is all that’s needed. Show us what you’ve got, please?

12. Edible foreplay, hell yes!

We love food and sex - just as much! Why not combine both of them? Use edible items like whipped cream or chocolate sauce to double the excitement. We would love to get a little messy between the sheets!

13. Changing positions

Who likes boring sex? We love to experiment while we’re at it and positions are the best way to do that. We don’t want the same position throughout the session and switching it will actually make us think you’re really into it! moves that turn women on GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr