10 *Beauty* Trends EVERY 20-Something Girl Must Try Once!

10 *Beauty* Trends EVERY 20-Something Girl Must Try Once!
Our 20s is truly the time to be wild and experiment with distinctively different beauty looks. Whether you want to keep up with the latest trends or just try something on an impulse, now is as good a time as any. Find something that works for you and set your beauty bucket list stat. Here are 10 beauty trends every 20-something must try at least once.   

1. A short crop cut

You might be in love with your tresses, but this thought must have crossed your mind at some point or the other, ‘What if I chop it off?’ With the temperatures soaring outside, now is actually the best time to go for a smart short crop cut.   

1 beauty trends

2. Bold lips

The best part about wearing a bright and bold lip colour is that it singlehandedly amps up your overall look. Even if you are wearing a plain white summer dress, with no eye makeup, sultry red lips will make you stand out!

3. A wild manicure

Most girls are quite done and dusted with typical matte and glossy finish nail colours. We’d recommend the new range of 12 beautiful textured nail polishes by StudioWest. From metallic finishes to iridescent glitters, bubbly confetti to glossy shimmers, experiment with these exclusive polishes to create beautiful, dramatic effects on your fingertips. 3 beauty trends

4. Highlight it up

Even if you are not too sure of colouring your hair, highlights are something you could definitely start off with. An offbeat colour like midnight blue is sure to make you look quirky and super smart!

5. Coloured eye makeup

From eyeliner to mascara, why settle for just black when you have so much more at your disposal? From bright blue lashes to under eye green liner, experiment with your eye makeup. Chances are, you’ll always be pleasantly surprised! 5 beauty trends

6. Back to basics

Yes, the no makeup look is still in vogue and it is all about having that fresh radiance in your face. So a soft matte finish for your skin, subtly defined eyelids and a nude-to-peach lipstick are all you need to rock this look.

7. Try clown contouring

A very popular beauty trick this season, developed by YouTuber BellaDeLune, this is a new way to ‘extreme color-correct, highlight, and contour’! It will basically make you look as flawless and sculpted as Kim Kardashian. Get the deets in this short tutorial video. 7 beauty trends

8. Glittering pouts

This is a big thing on fashion runways this season. So sparkle not just for eyes, but your lips too. As the DKNY makeup artist Pat McGrath put it, ‘It's just all about your lip being your jewellery.’

9. Wet hair, don’t care

If you are running late for work and have no time to dry your hair - this trend would suit you perfectly. Just brush your tresses and push it back with a bit of hair cream, and this back from the beach look will make your overall appearance more slick and sharp. 9 beauty trends

10. Go big or go home

If you don’t want your makeup to be subtle and you want to make a statement through it, we’d say go for it. Chocolate brown matte lips, dramatic eyes, the whole razzmatazz. But make sure to have a clean base, which will help your makeup pop! * This post is in association with StudioWest. Images: Shutterstock