11 Silly ‘Love Note’ Ideas For *Him* - And Where To Hide Them!

11 Silly ‘Love Note’ Ideas For *Him* - And Where To Hide Them!
In this age of technology, love notes are actually considered old school. But we love old school! We believe that love notes are still the cutest form of expressing one’s love. Here are 11 super cute love note ideas that will make him go ‘aww’! Don’t believe us? Try it and tell us how whether they worked!

1. When you call him over to your place.

‘Welcome home, love! I am hiding somewhere inside, if you find me, I’ll grant you one wish… And you can ask for anything! *Wink*’ - Hang it on the entrance so that it is the first thing he sees when he enters.

2. When it’s one of those days…

‘I like to be alone, but I’d rather be alone with you!’ - Write it on a tissue paper and put it on the windscreen of his car.
2 love note ideas

3. While you meet him over a couple of drinks.

‘You are the only high I want in life’ - Sneak that note in the back pocket of his jeans.

4. When you want to tell him just how much you love him!

‘I love you <insert stick figure with arms wide open> this much! - Keep this in the dashboard of his car and he won’t be able to help but blush when he finds it. 4 love note ideas

5. Give his cleaning habits a little boost!

‘You sweep me off my feet!’ - Put this on one of the mops in his house.

6. If you’re in a long-distance relationship and the distance seems too much!

‘You make my heart melt, and my tummy churns with nervousness. I don’t know if this is good or bad. Either way, why are you so far away? - Just post this cute note sealed with a kiss! 6 love note ideas

7. When on a weekend getaway with him.

‘Stop pooping, I miss you!’ - Write it on a tissue paper and slide it through the washroom door when he is inside!

8. When you want to subtly tell him that you’re awesome!

‘See, great minds think alike which is why we picked each other. You mean the world to me - just wanted to remind you!’ - Put this in one of his books or maybe even his wallet.
8 love note ideas

9. When you’re out on a coffee date.

Attach a packet of sugar on a tissue and write - ‘You are my *sugar*’ - Sneak this in the bill book.

10. For one of those mushy college days...

‘You may want to meet me in the parking at <insert time>. You’ll be surprised!’ -  Slip this into one of his books, and hope no one else opens it before he does. 10 love note ideas

11. When you want to let him know he totally tripped you over!

‘I didn’t fall for you, you bloody tripped me, okay?’ - Hide this in his wallet when he is not looking. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr