10 Styling Tips To Make You Look *Taller* In Indian Wear!

10 Styling Tips To Make You Look *Taller* In Indian Wear!
Are you vertically challenged but love wearing Indian wear? Then you’re probably familiar with the struggle of rich fabrics and cuts overwhelming your frame. But you don’t have to worry any more girl, because we have 10 fab indian wear styling tips for the short girl that will make you look taller and fashionably on point in no time!

1. The right length of the kurta

Deciding the right length for your kurta is crucial and is the first step to making you look taller than you are. Ideally, wear a kurta that ends somewhere around your calf muscles/midway through your calves. A long kurta gives an elongated look to your body, making you appear taller.

2. Know your prints

2 indian wear styling tips The right prints and patterns make all the difference in the world. When you're wearing an overall printed kurti, suit or anarkali, ensure that your prints aren't too big. This holds especially true in the case of floral designs because they fill up a lot of space, and can make you look wider, which causes you to look shorter. This also holds true for geometric prints. Try to buy simpler ones that don't have a lot going on. Busy prints aren’t the most flattering route.

3. The neckline makes a difference

The neckline is extremely important too. Choose a neckline that flaunts your neck and hint of cleavage. A semi-deep neckline (read: round, sweetheart, and U-shaped) are great ones to try. Short girls should completely stave off from bandhgalas and choker style necklines because they're going to make you and your neck look much shorter.

4. Border problems

4 indian wear styling tips Most Indian wear outfits have a little border, especially if you're wearing something more festive. In this case, avoid thick borders as they can make you look shorter. If it's a suit, and you absolutely have to add them, opt for slimmer ones and the give the broad, embroidered ones a miss. This will give your outfit some breathing space and also make you look taller.

5. Keep the colours in mind

All deep shades like black, browns, deep reds and blues will cut inches from the width of your body, giving you an illusion of a slender silhouette.

6. Choose the right fabric!

6 indian wear styling tips The fabric is extremely important because it defines how your garment falls on your body. Especially in Indian wear, the wrong fabric can make you look shorter than you are. Try to choose flowy fabrics that don’t make you look boxy or broad. Chiffons, georgettes and even lycra mixed cottons are great fabrics to try.

7. Get the right fit

If your garment isn’t stitched well, there’s not hope for it to look good! It will for all reasons make you look shorter that you are. Be it the sleeves of your blouse or kurta, the hemline of your suit or the waist of your anarkali. Ensure that you give the right measurements to the tailor and double check before getting it stitched. This styling trick will help you the most and is also the easiest to apply!

8. The power of heels

8 indian wear styling tips You probably already knew this, but even if you’re the kinda girl who likes her flats, you should still gives heels a try. Most indian wear outfits are dressy; be it a simple anarkali kurta or the evergreen saree. No harm in faking and adding a few inches to your height by slipping into a pair of sexy high heels, is it?

9. Choose your bottom wear carefully

When compared to salwars, churidars and leggings or even jeans will make your legs look slender automatically! If you want to wear wide legged pants, balance the look with a fitted kurti or a tunic top. This ensures your legs look longer as the proportion of the ensemble changes. Palazzo pants are fantastic for making you look taller, thanks to their long hemlines and flowy cut, just make sure to wear them with heels.

10. Accessories are important

10 indian wear styling tips The right kind of accessories can break or make the look. Be it jewellery or the right kinda bag. If you over-do any of them, you can look shorter. Try to carry one statement piece, be it a chunky necklace or a big bag. Don’t clutter your outfit with too many accessories. A big bag can positively make you look short and so can jewellery that sits right on your neck. Internal Images: Shutterstock