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Confessions Of A Girl Who Contours… Her Boobs!

Confessions Of A Girl Who Contours… Her Boobs!
All through school and college I was made fun of because of my breast size. I dreaded attending class because I feared of being called words like carrom board, flatron tv, plank and all sorts of disgusting names. As much as my friends kept telling me it’s all about inner beauty, every time I got home, looked at myself in the mirror, all I saw was disappointment.
Even though I never said it out loud, people’s constant body shaming comments and weird stares took a toll on my self esteem. To make my boobs look bigger and fuller, what not I tried! I stocked up on padded bras. Sometimes, I stuffed tissue paper into those cups so that my boobs appear bigger. I even researched about breast implants! However, the thought of going under the knife freaked me out to no bounds - I decided to drop the idea. One day, while I was randomly browsing through FB, I happened to find a video about cleavage contouring. At first, I laughed to myself. I mean the idea of using just makeup to contour boobs sounded bizarre to me. And besides, I wasn’t much of a fan of using makeup anyway. Nevertheless, I watched the video for kicks. No expectations, nothing. I just kept an open mind while watching. Little did I know that by the end of the clip, I would be tempted to give it a shot! Internal cleavage contouring I mean, what’s wrong with trying it out? Either the experiment could go horribly wrong or it might just work in my favour! I stuck to the latter option. The next day, I visited the beauty store. To ace the look, I needed a foundation palette, a highlighter and a makeup brush.
Since it was an experiment, I didn’t splurge too much. I invested in the basics. I bunked class the next day just so that I could try it. Taking a deep breath, I looked at myself and bare chest in the mirror, opened the foundation palette and played the tutorial video. Since my skin has a light complexion, I chose a dark brown shade for contouring and a highlighter that’s a shade lighter to my skintone. Starting from the middle, I moved my brush coated with dark brown foundation to the center of my cleavage. For each side, I drew a curved line above each breast. Grabbing onto my highlighter, I just outlined the contouring lines. To finish the look, I simply blended both lines using a makeup brush. Honestly, I thought the experiment would be a major fail, but to my surprise, it worked! My boobs looked instantly bigger and fuller. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Makeup had done it’s magic this time. And just like that, my life transformed for the better. I can now wear those pretty deep neck tops and tubes without being called embarrassing names and feeling too flat. To me, makeup has made feel confident and sexier. I believe everyone has their own quirks and their secrets, for me, this is mine...
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