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#BeautyDiaries: I Shaved One Leg… And Waxed The Other!

#BeautyDiaries: I Shaved One Leg… And Waxed The Other!

I have always had a knack for trying out things that are harmless but can actually end up as great stories (which is why all my friends can explain how messed up I can be sometimes!). After all, I love to be the storyteller of the group who starts talking during awkward silences. So, I was at home during a one-week break from college and I really had nothing productive to do (clearly!). I thought of doing something in my head, that no one would have even thought of doing before! Let me walk you through my body hair growth history (please, don’t be creeped out) before I actually start to share what I did. So, thanks to all the ghar ke nuskhe, the hair growth on my body have always been very minimal. So, my mother always wanted me to start all my parlour routines a little late in life so that I could keep my skin ‘virginity’ for as long as possible. Thanks to the lack of hair growth, I started shaving at home during my late teenage years and my worst nightmare came true - the hair on my legs started growing thicker and faster!
I shifted to waxing soon after which till date is verrry painful because of the thick hair growth! *Sigh* So, like I said, one fine day I actually thought of doing something different and here is what I did. I shaved one leg and waxed the other! First things first, the parlour wali aunty looked at me from head to toe thinking what kind of a crazy woman I am to get just one leg waxed. She did it regardless. So now, one of my legs was waxed and the other one, shaved. (Please don’t think I’m crazy!) Internal shaved one leg and waxed the other For a couple of days, everything seemed normal and I was lady long legs flaunting all my pretty summer dresses. A few days later, one of my legs was still smooth while the other one started feeling a tad pokey. Both my legs no longer felt similar. One leg actually helped the other during mosquito bites - to scratch of course! All in all, it was a very funny experience and I would keep feeling both my legs with the other, just to entertain myself with the craziness I had accomplished. Two weeks after this whacky incident, I actually had tiny bristles of hair on one leg and a smooth left leg. It was funny to even look at my legs, obviously, I was only wearing pants by then! My boyfriend would often make fun of me every time he saw my legs. Imagine the laughter therapy I gave to my parlour aunty when I went back to get both my legs waxed, once and for all. She actually invited other parlour didis to come and see me scream in pain because of hard growth on one leg. Thank you, razor!
The experience was fun though and it didn’t really cost me a lot (apart from some tiny embarrassment). I won’t really suggest a lot of people try this, but if you’re a big bunch of crazies like me, then let us know what your story was like! Images: Shutterstock
Published on Apr 15, 2017
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