10 Tips On Finding The *Perfect* Lehenga For Your Body Type!

10 Tips On Finding The *Perfect* Lehenga For Your Body Type!
Picking the right lehenga and blouse isn’t as easy as it sounds. To find yourself the right one that fits well and highlights your assets is task that can be quite compelling. A lot of us don’t know the styles that will make our figure look better. Here are 10 tips on how to pick the right lehenga and blouse according to your body type!

Stunning Lehengas For Different Body Types

1. Apple Shaped Body

1 pick the right lehenga Image: Am Pm on Instagram If you have an apple shaped body type, wear a lehenga and blouse that has a continuous ‘gown-like’ effect. Alternatively, we suggest you try a peplum blouse or a kurti-style blouse paired with a high-low lehenga. These will effectively take away the attention from a troublesome top half, highlighting only your assets.

2. The Hourglass

2 pick the right lehenga Image: Jayanti Reddy Label on Instagram If you have got them curves and a slender waist, we suggest you try an off-shoulder style blouse with a low-waist lehenga. This will show off your figure, making the best parts of your body hotter than they already are, while hiding your bust from being the focus. With this style, you can totally try the no-dupatta look and feel super sexy!

3. Pear Shaped Body

3 pick the right lehenga Image: Mrunalini Rao on Instagram If you’re a pear shaped body type, you most likely have wider hips and a round butt. You’re probably the widest at your hips and hence, it makes sense to opt for an A-line lehenga with lots of flare! The flare and extending pleats will create an illusion of volume and take away the attention from your hips. Wear a deep neck blouse and flaunt your collar bones!

4. Rectangle Shaped Body

4 pick the right lehenga Image: Anita Dongre on Instagram If your have a body-type that pretty is similar in width at the top and the bottom, then we suggest you opt for a high-waisted lehenga and a cropped blouse with a scoop neck or a deep v-neckline for that slight cleavage show. Add an ethnic jacket on top to give your outfit more character and make your body look more defined.

5. Spoon Shaped Body

5 pick the right lehenga Image: Manish Malhotra on Instagram If you have a figure that looks like a spoon - a petite bust and waist but heavy hips, ensure you’re showing off those curves, girls! Wear a box-pleated lehenga - as this can steal the attention away from your hips. Your body type is perhaps the best one to try a fringe style blouse on the waist. It will fall well and conceal any disproportions while making you look kinda hot!

6. Strawberry Shaped Body

6 pick the right lehenga Image: Sukriti And Aakriti on Instagram If your trouble area is just your tummy, ditch that regular blouse style. Opt for a plain lehenga style-skirt! Yes, one that’s not very voluminous and pair it with a long jacket-style kurta or kurta itself. Keep the neckline of your kurta open and wide but ensure the waistline is cinched and well-fitted.

7. Diamond Shaped Body

7 pick the right lehenga Image: Astha Narang Official Instagram If you have narrow hips and a broad waist, then a blouse that extends till the length of your lehenga is the best kind! It might be a good idea to try a one-shoulder blouse that’s long- as it makes your collar bones and shoulders look hot while covering up everything else.

8. Athletic Shaped Body

8 pick the right lehenga Image: Ridhima Bhasin on Instagram If you have broad shoulders and a body that isn’t particularly curvy, it’s a great idea to try a cape-style blouse and a simple, flowy skirt-lehenga! The cape-style blouse will cover your shoulders and add a more feminine edge to your outfit.

9. Petite Body

9 pick the right lehenga Image: Bhumika Sharma Official on Instagram Wear a lehenga that has flare but is still minimal and looks absolutely flamboyant! And as far as the blouse goes, wear a blouse style that has a short neck, or even a bandhgala. Mix it with lots of kundan jewellery and wear your dupatta neatly on your shoulder, so it doesn’t overwhelm your frame. This way, you’re only showing off your waist - which is the best part of your figure!

10. The Inverted Triangle Body

10 pick the right lehenga Image: Sabyasachi on Instagram If you have broad shoulders and a broad upper body, it’s perhaps best to wear a blouse that’s full sleeved and covers up the shoulders. Mix and match the colours of your blouse and lehenga to give the outfit a twist. We suggest you wear a dark coloured blouse and a light coloured lehenga to shift the focus from your heavy top to your narrow waist.