How To Find The *Perfect* Pants For Different Body Shape!

How To Find The *Perfect* Pants For Different Body Shape!
Dressing for your body type can be such a tricky task! To find clothes that highlight your assets and keep eyes off our problem areas, isn’t as easy as it sounds. A lot of us are always confused about what styles will do justice to our figure. If you’re looking for some tips to dress up according to your body type, here are 10 pants for different body shape that’ll help you flaunt your figure!   

Stylish Pants For Different Body Shape

1. Apple Shaped Body

1 pants for your body shape You know you have an apple shaped body if your bust is larger than your hip area. You have round shoulders, slim legs and arms. You tend to put on weight first on your torso and then on the rest of your body. The ideal cuts for an apple shaped body are flared, boot cut and pants that have back pockets to highlight your hips. POPxo Recommends: Back Pocket Boot Cut Jeans (Rs 1,495)  

2. Pear Shaped Body  

2 pants for your body shape Women with pear shaped bodies have broad hips and a petite torso with a narrow waist. A lot of Indian women are blessed with pear shaped frames. The key is to draw attention on your narrow waist while accentuating your curves. Flared and straight leg pants, that create volume all the way down, will help give a balanced look. Steer clear of cigarette pants as they’re the least flattering pants for your body type.    POPxo Recommends: High Rise Wide Leg Jeans (Rs 1,495)

3. The Rectangular One  

3 pants for your body shape You know you have a rectangular shaped body when your shoulders, waist and hips are pretty much of the same width. Since you don’t have a defined waist, it’s best to not draw attention on that part of your body. Instead, go for pants that are body hugging to highlight your curves. Skinny jeans and even trousers with flared bottoms, will look great on you!
POPxo Recommends: Skinny Mid Rise Jeans (Rs 1,699)

4. The Triangle Shaped Body

4 pants for your body shape Your shoulders are a little narrower than your hips and you have a curvaceous frame. It’s easy for you to gain weight around your arms, thighs and stomach. Wear empire waist pants that draw attention to the narrowest part of your waist. You can also go for pants that look like a triangle. Such as flared pants that fit right at the waist and help smoothen out the look.    POPxo Recommends: Pleated Palazzo Pants (Rs 999)

5. The Inverted Triangle

5 pants for your body shape If your hips are narrower than your shoulders and you have a slightly straight waist, then you’re blessed with an inverted triangle body. The aim is to visually balance your shape by dressing appropriately. Wear clothes that attract attention on your narrow hips. Elements like ruffles or prints should be in areas other than your shoulders. The main aim is to enhance your hips! POPxo Recommends: Turquoise Dhoti Pants (Rs 1,925)

6. The Hourglass Body Type

6 pants for your body shape The width of your shoulders and waist is approximately the same and you have a very well defined waist. Mid rise or high rise pants are your true best friends since they elongate your legs and make you look taller. Pants with waist bands especially work in your favour, by bringing attention to your slim waist. POPxo Recommends: High Rise Skinny Jeans (Rs 1,679)

7. The Oval Shaped

7 pants for your body shape If you’ve got an oval shaped body, you have really narrow wrists and ankles. You should show off your shapely legs and make them the most attractive part of your outfit. Always choose bottoms with stretchable waist bands to stay comfortable. Skinny jeans and anything that fits your legs and gives them more shape, is good for you! Pair it with peplum or empire waist tops for a proportionate look.
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8. Diamond Shaped Body

8 pants for your body shape Women who have a diamond shaped body have hips broader than their shoulders and most of their weight is accumulated on the stomach area. Which results in a broad and undefined waist. Since you have a large waist area, you need to wear pants that balance your look. Straight pants will help in creating a more balanced look visually. Choose dark colours as they will help elongate your legs! POPxo Recommends: NEXT High Waist Trousers (Rs 3,590)

9. The One With An Athletic Built

9 pants for your body shape Women with an athletic built have a well toned curvaceous body. If you have an athletic built, your legs and arms are muscular and not flabby. You have well built shoulders and a broad and elongated neck. Since you’ve got such a toned figure, you should absolutely flaunt it! Steer clear from baggy clothes because they’ll only make you look broader. High waist shorts and skinny jeans will do justice to your frame! POPxo Recommends: Maroon Solid Shorts (Rs 799)

10. The Petite Frame

10 pants for your body shape Women with petite bodies are the ones we envy the most! If you have a really thin frame and your shoulders are just as wide as your hips, you’re truly blessed. Since you have a narrow waist, wear clothes that help flaunt the same. You can wear low waist jeans with short tops or high waist jeans with bralettes, for a cool summer look!
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