10 *Secrets* The BEST Kissers Know… And You Should Too!

10 *Secrets* The BEST Kissers Know… And You Should Too!
Depending on how erotic you make it, a good kiss can actually be better than sex. It is an alternate language in which lovers communicate and connect, one that helps them discover the fires of desire that burn within. Wondering how to be a good kisser? Here are secrets all great kissers swear by!

1. Keep your lips soft

There's no fun in kissing with flaky, rough lips.  A simple lip balm can do wonders.

2. Set the stage

As much as you’d like to have a go at it no sooner than you see him, play cool and build it up. Just like sex. You’ll enjoy it more. Dim lights, sensuous talks… The works.

3. Bite his lower lip

Not a piercing bite but just a tiny, sexy one can drive a man absolutely crazy. 3 how to be a good kisser

4. Hair and there

Take the kiss a notch above by running your hands through his hair, whispering in his ear and kissing on the neck!

5. Follow the tongue

Don’t get into a full-on tongue war. Instead, let yours play with his – it’ll arouse him more. And pay attention to his reaction!

6. Keep the eyes closed

Enjoy the moment in bliss. Make it memorable. Besides, who wants to see someone staring at them, so close to the face? 6 how to be a good kisser

7. Moan a bit

Yes, be free with your moan, even if it’s just a bit. It’s a great turn on. And remember not to fake it please!

8. Quick breath check

Focus on oral hygiene. Your mouth must not only feel fresh but it should taste good too. Mint? Bonbons? Travel sweets? Pick your poison!

9. Keep it fun and full of surprises

Don’t be predictable. Try different acts in one go. Play your kissing cards well but also, go with the flow. It'll keep him on his toes! 9 how to be a good kisser

10. End with a peck on the mouth

Just a thank you for how much you enjoyed it and how much you look forward to the next time. You can keep your eyes shut for a second longer too - as if you're savouring it!
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