10 *Hints* His Body Language Is Giving You About His Feelings!

10 *Hints* His Body Language Is Giving You About His Feelings!
When it comes to men, the idiom, ‘Actions speak louder than words’ especially holds true. When your gaze meets that of a cute guy’s at a bar. One look at him and you can figure out if he’s going to ask you out or not. Here are 10 hints that his body language is giving you about this feelings!

1. His pupils dilate

Unless you are in a dimly-lit place, this is a signal that he is probably into you. Pupils dilate when one experiences attraction. 1 his body language

2. He raises his eyebrows

Static eyebrows could suggest that he is probably not interested in whatever you have to say. But if he raises his eyebrows in response, it means he finds you curious and wants to know more about you.

3. His toothy grin

If his lips don’t part for a smile he is probably not as engaged in the conversation. Alternatively, if he is grinning, he is probably up for some healthy flirting as well.  

4. He engages with your face… Not just your eyes

The guy is not merely darting his gaze towards your eyes, but he is taking in, liking and engaging with your entire face. If 80 per cent of the interaction is spent similarly, he fancies you. 4 his body language

5. He takes a deep breath while approaching you

This is a good sign because he is as nervous and excited as you are. From an evolutionary perspective, deep breathing makes his shoulders appear broader and waist smaller, thus making him look smarter and up for it.

6. He leans towards you as he speaks

At a noisy bar, this is plain logistics. But if he can hear you just fine and still leans in, it means he is interested in the conversation and most importantly, you.

7. He licks his lips

Not in a creepy way of course, but only slightly, or presses them together quickly. This is simply because when you're attracted to someone, your mouth tends to produce extra saliva.
7 his body language

8. He grazes your forearms while talking

It is difficult to get more obvious than this - he definitely likes your company and wants your attention.

9. He sits with his legs spread

This implies that he is comfortable and relaxed in your presence. It is also a sign that he trusts you and is willing to open up to you.

10. He walks beside you

Not ahead or behind, but alongside. He is not more concerned about himself and he is willing to treat you as an equal. 10 his body language GIFs: Giphy