11 *Hilarious* Life Lessons Girls Learn From Their… Periods!

11 *Hilarious* Life Lessons Girls Learn From Their… Periods!

We’ve cribbed about them, hated them, even tried to avoid them for as long as possible but they always seem to find their way back. No, we’re not talking about our ex-boyfriends. We’re talking about our most annoying monthly visitor - our period. But what if we told you that your period is teaching you more things than you’d believe. Here are 11 life lessons our period teaches us like nobody else could!

1. Impatience never takes you anywhere

You might not like the slow pace of things but, some things only happen when they have to. Much like periods where you can try drinking hot milk or eating papaya but at the end of the day, the dam breaks only when it has to. 1 life lessons our period teaches us

2. Prevention is definitely better than cure

We know a bit about those little panic attacks when our period is late, don’t we? Well, it’s not worth it. Definitely not for a piece of rubber! Always, always use protection because the cure is just mind-numbingly exhausting!

3. You have to embrace the pain

You can try and reduce it for sure but there is a point in life, much like our cycles, when you just have to accept the pain and move on. There is no other way around it. 3 life lessons our period teaches us

4. The best and worst things happen when you least expect them

They say good things take time, but IRL good things happen in the blink of an eye… And so do the bad. Chances are when you’re sitting in a boardroom meeting, ideally doodling or moments away from your exam hall or just trying to reach work on time on a Monday morning, that’s when life will hit you. And it will hit you hard!

5. Life is too short to not eat what you want

Don’t hide those cravings, ladies. You deserve it! Food is probably one of the very few things that make sense in life - if it’s tasty, it should be in your mouth. 5 life lessons our period teaches us

6. Never depend on just your memory

You might think you’ll remember your date (It’s just a month, right?) but your memory will fail you. Again and again and again! Always write down the important things in life because there is nothing that hurts more than all the things you wish you could remember.

7. A little warmth can go a long way

In people and in life, it’s the warmth that makes the difference. Even though most days you are just cranky and annoyed, some days a smile will work wonders for you. So will a hot water bag, keep it around! 7 life lessons our period teaches us

8. Everything in life comes in phases

Happy times and bad times always come in phases. You can be happy one day and sad the other and then happy again the third. That’s just the way it is. And nothing teaches us this circle of life better than our periods, right? They do leave us in five days only to come back next month!

9. Never say no to good sex or a glass of vodka

You’d think you’re on your periods, you shouldn’t. But honestly, you’d be surprised how wonderful things can be if only you say yes. So, unless you absolutely have to, give it a shot before you deny it! 9 life lessons our period teaches us

10. If nothing works out, go to sleep.

If you are having one of those just-can’t-make-it-today days then don’t rant about it on social media, don’t cry about it, don’t distract yourself. No, just take a nice fluffy pillow, close your eyes and go to sleep. Things will always be better when you wake up.

11. There is always a silver lining

If you’ve made it till this point of the story, congratulations, you are a believer! When you can see the positive in the most negative blood sucking part of your life, then you can do almost anything! You go, girl! 11 life lessons our period teaches us GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr