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A Girl & Her Bra - 7 Memes That’ll Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Apoorva Poonia

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We all know a great bra boosts our confidence, right? But also, isn’t it the best feeling in this world when you take off your bra at the end of the day? Well, whether we like wearing a bra or hate wearing it, we know that we definitely can’t live without it! We found some really funny and just-so-honest bra memes on Tumblr and you have to read them all. Share these with your friends and we’re sure you’ll have a fun time.

1. Yeah, exactly! This is the perfect response!


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2. We hate it when that happens!


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3. Happens all the time!


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4. We absolutely get the sad, sad feeling!


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5. Yup, once the bra comes off, we’re done for the day!


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6. Just SO true!

6 bra memes

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7. Enough said!

7 bra memes (2)

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Weren’t these just so funny?
Published on Apr 27, 2017
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