10 AWESOME ‘Relationship Tests’ You Need To Take With Bae!

10 AWESOME ‘Relationship Tests’ You Need To Take With Bae!
It is important to keep re-inventing in a relationship, both inside and outside the bedroom! Here are some fun relationship tests and games we made up for you to take with your boyfriend. It might help you get to know each other better and add that necessary dose of spice to your life!

1. The Game Of Dishes

Go to a restaurant you both like and order a dish for each other instead of ordering for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a favourite dish, it can just be a dish you want him to try. Later, honestly, tell each other if you liked it or not. If you did, that’s one more dish added to your list of favourites and if you didn’t, well, the experience counts! 1 relationship tests

2. Hand In Hand

This one is fun and one that can be played with other couples. Let the men stand in a line and the women can be blindfolded (or vice versa). The game for every girl is to guess who her boyfriend is just by the touch of her boyfriend’s hand. It’ll be so much fun to see how many people actually know their S.O. just by touch.

3. Shots Shots Shots!

Here’s a spin on the age-old game we’ve all played with our boyfriends. Make a list of questions about yourself and have him answer them. From the cute questions, obvious ones to the extremely difficult ones...have a variety! For every question he gets right, you take a shot and for every question he gets wrong, he takes a shot. By the end of it, both of you will be drunk and it’ll lead to PG 13 stuff. Quite a win-win!

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4. The Pleasure Hunt

This is a game for just the two of you, in the bedroom, to spice up things! Guess your partner's top 5 pleasure points and kiss them there. While you’re at it, don’t stop at five, my friend! Later you can rate each other for accuracy and performance. *Wink wink* 4 relationship tests

5. The Makeover Monday

Pep up each other’s look by giving each other a makeover. Let it be a surprise for your partner. Take each other for a spa or just buy something you want each other to wear. It’ll be a fun bonding experience for the two of you and you’ll have a new look. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

6. The Imitation Game

Again, this is a game that can be played with your couple friends. Every person needs to imitate their partner and the rest of the group gets to rate the performance. Remember, the more nuanced, the better. Seeing people imitating their partners will be so much fun and the couple that gets the highest score can gloat about it for the rest of the night!

7. The Book Club

The two of you can pick up five books from your personal collection that you want the other person to read. Then compete against each other to see who finishes it first. To ensure no cheating, feel free to question your partner about the books to see if they’ve actually read it or not. The person who loses this challenge has to finance the other person’s books for one whole year. Incentive enough? 7 relationship tests

8. The Date Night Challenge

This is a challenge for the two of you. Compete with each other to plan the best date night for each other. Go all out and plan the best surprise for your partner that you can think of. Whoever wins this one gets the title of ‘The Ultimate Date Night Master’ and gets the bragging rights. Two amazing dates and bragging rights? It does not get better than this!

9. Swinging It

If possible, try and swap routines and jobs with your partner. While it may be a tough task to pull it off, it’ll also give you a greater appreciation for the hard work they put in their day. If swapping routines is too much, just swap your phones for a day (if you’re that comfortable in your relationship).

10. Two Truths And A Lie With A Twist

Have you ever played two truths and a lie? It’s a simple game, really! All you have to do is say three statements about yourself, two of them true and one a lie. The other person needs to guess which one is a lie. We’ve added our own spin to this game to make it a little more interesting in the bedroom! If your partner is not able to guess the lie correctly, he removes one piece of clothing and if he guesses it correctly, you remove it. Whoever is naked first loses the game (but wins ultimately!). The trick to winning at the game is layering! Wear two pairs of socks if you want! 10 relationship tests Which of these will you be playing with your bae? GIFs: Tumblr