13 Fun Challenges Every Girl Needs To Try With Her Bestie Once!

13 Fun Challenges Every Girl Needs To Try With Her Bestie Once!
So, you may have already done the ice bucket challenge or the mannequin challenge with your friends by now. It’s now time to up the fun quotient. Here are a few exciting and fun challenges you should try with your bestie. We bet you will have oodles of fun!

1. Blindfold Makeup

Spread out your makeup kit, get blindfolded and do each other’s makeup in less than five minutes. Without cheating. Should be fun to see how she looks at the end of it.

2. The Rap Challenge

Download the lyrics, learn it and start rapping. Now see who can complete the challenge without fumbling or getting breathless!

3. The Spice Challenge

Ever watched Man Vs Food on TLC? This is from there, except that you will be competing with your bestie. Whoever gulps down that big, fat peri-peri burger with extra sauce, first… Wins! 3 fun challenges

4. Bubblegum Challenge

Remember, how we loved blowing chewing gum balloons as kids? Well it’s time we do it again. You can either compete to see who can make the most number of balloons in a minute or who can blow the biggest balloon.

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5. No Hands Dining Challenge

Place food on the table and eat with your hands tied at the back. Sure, there will be a lot of mess but then it is FUN!

6. Guess The Flavour Challenge

Get blindfolded and ask someone to make you taste food – now guess what is it. The one with the maximum right answers, wins! 6 fun challenges

7. Chopstick Challenge

See who can finish a helping of tricky foods like burger or pizza – with a chopstick. May the best one win!

8. Cycling Challenge

Not meant for pros but for those amateur riders who haven’t touched a bike in a long time. See how far you can go, without falling down.

9. Guess The Movie

Narrate a dialogue or sing a song from a not-so-famous Bollywood film. Take turns to challenge each other and the one who gets the maximum answers right is the winner. 9 fun challenges

10. Paint A Picture With Your Weaker Hand

Pick a kiddo’s colouring book and see how fast the both of you can finish a particular picture. The trick is to use your weaker hand… Meaning that if you are a lefty you use your right hand and if you are a righty you use your left hand. Make sure you paint within the lines, though!

11. Abbreviation Challenge

Get someone to calls out abbreviations to you both and you have to guess the full form of it. Brainwork, but fun. Get cracking!

12. Lip Reading Challenge

Make chits of random sentences, then take turns to whisper them to each other. Whoever guesses the maximum sentences right emerges as the champion. A sort of dumb, dumb charades. 12 fun challenges

13. No Mirror Challenge

Another fun makeup challenge and as the name suggests, you have to do your own makeup without a mirror. May the best gal win! GIFs: Tumblr