10 *Foreplay Moves* Every Girl Should Make On Her Guy!

10 *Foreplay Moves* Every Girl Should Make On Her Guy!

Foreplay is the most essential part of sex and both men and women enjoy it equally. In fact, the common myth that foreplay is exclusively enjoyed by women is quite untrue. A naughty foreplay session gets a man ready for the main course. If you’re thinking of spicing up your routine, here are 10 foreplay moves every girl should make - to make it twice as hot!

1. Give him full access to your body

We tend to shy away from exposing our naked body to our man. Well, you should know that a lot of girls feel that way. But you should also know that men are visual creatures and they like to see everything. So don’t worry, and feel free! 1 foreplay moves every girl should make

2. Use your hands

Your hands work like magic during sex. Use them more often during the act to turn him on! Grab his hair, run your hands around his neck or anything else you can think of. Infact, use your hands when you’re going down on him too. He will love every bit of that sensation!

3. Recreate your fantasies

Everyone has a sexual fantasy that they’re itching to recreate. Get in bed and talk to him about it. When you’re having the conversation in a space that allows the two of you to do those things with each other - you’ll end up fulfilling them. Makes things easier? We bet! 3 foreplay moves every girl should make

4. Grab him tight

Guys want to feel like they are wanted. Make sure you grab him tight and rest your body on his. Wrap your hands around his waist and spend a few extra seconds squeezing his body.

5. Don’t forget the sensitive points

When you’re working on seducing your man, you tend to forget to explore the not-so-obvious areas, such as his neck and ears. Nibble around his ear and whisper dirty things while you’re at it. It will not only turn him on but will also tell him that you’re very interested in what’s going to happen next. 5 foreplay moves every girl should make

6. Tease a little

Don’t just dive into the action. Take your time and tease him a little. This sweet little torture builds anticipation which in turn, makes him wonder what’s going to happen next. As they say - kill ‘em with kindness!

7. A seductive dance

This one has the capability of turning routine sex into something so much more exciting. Don’t believe us? Try it. Put on some amazing music and slowly dance to the beats...teasing him. 7 foreplay moves every girl should make

8. Oral sex is key

Oral sex is an essential part of foreplay. Infact, men love it as much as women do! When you’re going down on him, explore the places around his inner thighs. Make sure you go slow - it’ll make him go wild!

9. Use edible items to amp up the fun

Guys love experimenting. Especially when it’s with edible items. Get some chocolate sauce and lick it off his body. Or grab some ice cubes and slowly tickle his body with them. Sure, it’s messy, but sometimes, messy is so sexy! 9 foreplay moves every girl should make

10. The magic of sexy lingerie

Last but not least - you can always rely on pretty lingerie to rescue you. Wear one of your favourite bras and make it a point to slowly undress yourself in front of him. Obviously, good things will happen after! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr