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The First Time I Had Sex… In A Parking Lot!!

The First Time I Had Sex… In A Parking Lot!!

I’m pretty sure that I’m not big on exhibitionism or risking my privacy to make out with my boyfriend. But as it turns out, sometimes, even I’m open to letting the ‘feeling’ side of my brain take over and do something totally crazy just because I want to. Rishabh and I had been dating for a while when he went to USA to do a semester abroad. They were the longest six months of my life and I just couldn’t wait for him to come back. And let’s be real, I was also missing all the action that I used to get. I mean, a girl has needs, doesn’t she? The two of us relied heavily on sexting and phone sex to get us off but it wasn’t the same as the real deal, obviously. When he returned after six months, we met as soon as we could. To have him there, physically present, was the best feeling ever. How I had missed him! When I first saw him, I actually started crying - happy tears, of course. Rishabh, adorable as he is, started laughing as soon as he saw my tears, kissed me and gathered me up in a bear hug. While I was overwhelmed emotionally, I wanted him physically too. It had been a month since he had returned and the maximum we had done was kiss. This wasn’t due to lack of want but because of a lack of some private place. We couldn’t go to each other’s houses because our parents did not know about our relationship and our mothers were somehow always home and lately, I wasn’t getting permission from home for night stays because of which we couldn’t book a hotel room either. Previously, these things had been much easier to sort out but now, I think, my parents were getting suspicious of my relationship status. Internal sex in a parking lot One weekday, we’d gone to a well-known mall in Delhi to watch a movie. In the parking lot, we chose to park our car in a secluded and dimly-lit area, right next to the wall. We thought we’ll get a little action before the movie. What followed next blew my mind and happens to be the most daring thing I’ve done till date. We were making out in the car, all hot and heavy, but both of us were having a little difficulty manoeuvring considering the limited space in the car. After a point, we both gave up, unsatisfied and angry and decided to just go watch the movie. We had just walked a few steps when Rishabh pulled me back and said, ‘Listen, I have an idea, just go along with it please.’ I was happy to comply because I wanted it just as much as he did. He pulled me behind the car, right into the nook. It was dark and we were sure nobody would see us there. Finally, we could do whatever we wanted right there! He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and we were kissing passionately, lost in the moment. Thankfully, I was wearing a skirt and not jeans, otherwise everything would have been tougher. He unzipped his pants and soon we were having sex, right there in the parking lot! It was even more intense due to the thrill of doing it in a public place and also because we were doing it after such a long time. The whole experience was mind blowing and exhilarating. Once both of us were done and satisfied, we straightened our clothes and checked our appearances in the car mirror. Both of us looked dishevelled and dazed, but trust me when I say this, neither of us cared. The smiles on our faces were priceless though. We walked into the movie theatre, as happy as we could possibly be. While we’ve never done it in a public place again, our first time still happens to be a really special memory, one we talk about regularly too. I still cannot believe that I ended up doing something so daring and brazen like having sex in a parking lot! * Names changed to protect privacy Images: Shutterstock

Published on Apr 30, 2017
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