do indian girls masturbate

‘Do Indian Girls Masturbate?’ 5 Women Answer!

Arya Khanna

Guest Contributor

So girls, we found a thread on Quora which read - ‘Do Indians Girls Masturbate?’ and it kinda made us go WTF. Duh, of course they do. And whether you’re Indian or not has nothing to do with you pleasuring yourself. Anyway, to be honest, after reading this thread, we felt that if this a question in people’s minds, then we MUST talk about it - and so we decided to pick five answers from that thread which we thought are quite interesting (and appropriate!). Read them all now!

1. ‘Indian girls have sex. Indian girls drink beer. Indian girls masturbate.’ - Oh yeah, she said it.

Pragya Rathore answers on Quora: Indian girls have sex. Indian girls drink beer. Indian girls masturbate. Oops, I answered more than what was demanded by the question and I hope it wasn’t scandalous enough.

1 do indian girls masturbate

2. ‘Just like the majority of women around the world, Indian women too masturbate.’ - Exactly! What has it got to do with a girl being an Indian, anyway?

Aamen Talukdar answers on Quora: Just like the majority of women around the world who have attained puberty and have normal sexual urges, Indian women too masturbate. I could not give you the statistics of it, though it would not be wrong to say that some do not. They would definitely be in the minority, in my experience.

3. ‘With time, frequency of doing it decreases.’ - Hmm. Maybe.

Babita Sarmah answers on Quora: Yes off course. Most of the Indian girls masturbate at young age and with time, frequency of doing it decreases. There are many health benefits of regular masturbation as well.

3 do indian girls masturbate

4. ‘We have our desires, we need them to be satisfied.’ - Totally! We’re self-sufficient like that!

Anonymous answers on Quora: We have our desires, we need them to be satisfied. And sometimes, we just end up doing it ourselves.

5. ‘Yeah, Indian girls do masturbate.’ - Simple.

Anonymous answers on Quora: Yeah, Indian girls do masturbate. I don’t masturbate now, did so when I first came across porn.

5 do indian girls masturbate

You can read the full thread here on Quora.

Okay, these were awesome!

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Published on Apr 27, 2017
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