11 ‘Delhi Girl’ Things No One Else Will EVER Get!

11 ‘Delhi Girl’ Things No One Else Will EVER Get!
In the mind of the rest of the country, Delhi girls are a different breed altogether, one who cannot simply be understood by mere mortals... But in our minds, we’re the coolest ones out there, ready to take on the world at all times! Here are 11 ‘Delhi Girl’ things that nobody else would ever get!

1. Effortlessly Chic

We don’t really care about what we’re wearing - as long as it looks good on us! You’ll see us slip into a Sarojini top as effortlessly as we carry a Zara dress. We can rock the LBD as easily as we can a salwar suit. A Dior handbag will look just as good on our arm as the Janpath jhola! As long as we’re comfortable and look stylish, we don’t care where it comes from!
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2. Weddings Are Our Forte  

Weddings have a special place in our hearts! From the four day long festivities to the food to the dancing on dhol beats to ‘car-o-bar’, we’re in love with the whole grand affair. Also, weddings are the best place for us to dress up and show off our latest outfits - yes, we love the bling and are proud of it!

3. Street Food For Life!

Everyone knows about ‘dilli ke chole bhature’ and ‘chaat’. We’ve grown up on this street food all our lives and while we could be on a diet sometimes, eating only salads for meals, we’ll still eat the fried aloo chaat as soon as we see it! 3 delhi girl things

4. Always On Point!

While Delhi Girls always get the rap for being over dressed, we beg to differ. We like to look presentable at all times. So if you do see us wearing high heels to the mall - know that we're dressed not just for shopping but maybe a party afterwards too!

5. Patakha Guddi

Delhi girls are extremely strong - emotionally, mentally and physically. We deal with dilli ki sardi and garmi after all. Plus, you know how mentally strong we are? Well, we can get delhi autowallahs to travel by the meter, a feat very few have achieved! Plus, haven’t we been fighting to break the stereotypes attached to us for the longest time ever now? So don’t go messing with us!
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6. Roadside Romeos Be Gone

Us Delhi girls, we have a thick skin. We don't get upset over a little bit of teasing by people we don't know very well. But we know when people cross the line - and we're not afraid to call them out on it! We have a bunch of expletives saved for those people, stuff you wouldn’t normally want to hear!

7. Delhi Jewels

Chandni Chowk, Karol Bagh, Janpath and Sarojini Nagar are our go-to places for bargain buys. We can go to Sarojini and buy the trendiest tops for a hundred bucks each and Chandni Chowk is filled with outfits that could give designers a run for their money, at a fraction of the price… And, oh, Janpath, don't even get us started about it! 7 delhi girl things

8. Bhaiya, Please!

We do use the word bhaiya a lot but it’s always without the accent. ‘Bhaiyas’ are the sweetest people and get all our work done, if we ask nicely. However, we wonder who started the ‘bhayaa’ trend because it definitely wasn’t us. Really!!

9. Money Matters

We’re natural born champs at bargaining. We don’t do it for fun or because we’re misers, we do it because we can see that we’re being overcharged. You’ll never find us paying extra money for anything because we know how much something is worth. But you'll also find us giving the driver money for dinner when we end up running late!
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10. Parks Parks Everywhere

We’ve grown up with actual parks!! Compared to other metropolitans (ahem, *Mumbai*), we have actual parks where we played when we were kids. These are the same parks we go to as adults for walks and picnics! So many childhood memories!

11. Jugaad Is The Way Of Life

We know how to get our way and get our work done! When a Delhi girl sets her mind on something, she always, ALWAYS gets her way. After all, jugaad is a way of life for us. Want anything in life? Come to us, my friend. We have all the answers! (Or, at least, we know someone who does!) 11 delhi girl things GIFs: Giphy