13 Tiny Little Things To Do With Your Boyfriend - Just Because!

13 Tiny Little Things To Do With Your Boyfriend - Just Because!
Not everything you do in life needs to have a reason. Memories are often made from doing things that were done for no reason whatsoever and that’s even truer if you are in love. So, here are 13 cute things to do with your boyfriend - just because.

1. Take a long late-evening walk with him

There’s an old world charm about evening walks that makes them so romantic. Take a walk to nowhere while you hold his hand and share some intimate moments with him. 1 things to do with your boyfriend

2. Sleep under the stars

Sounds too ZNMD-ish? Maybe. But the feeling of cuddling with your boyfriend under a sky full of stars is one which cannot be described in words. *So romantic*

3. Have a wall of memories

Put your goofy, beautiful, not-so-beautiful and JLT pictures together in one place. It can be a wall, bulletin board or even an album. Such a simple but cute thing to do! 3 things to do with your boyfriend

4. A breakfast date

It’s great to have dinner dates, but even better to have a breakfast date every now and then… Even if that means you guys just stumble out of bed and arrive at the restaurant in your PJs. A sleepy but oh-so-sweet date!

5. Dance in the rain

This may sound cliche, but you gotta do this once in a while. Shed your inhibitions, stop worrying about spoiling your clothes and life in general... And just dance while the heavens pour. It may sound crazy, but in the later years of your life you will cherish the memories you made while doing so! 5 things to do with your boyfriend

6. Share a pair of headphones as you listen to your fave song together

You take one earpiece and he takes the other. Of course, you guys have your own earphones but sharing one pair is oh-so-adorable. Plus, it brings you closer, quite literally.

7. Text each other mushy things even when you are sitting next to each other

Just because! It will make you both smile ear to ear.
7 things to do with your boyfriend

8. Make a time capsule

A movie stub from your first date, the first letter you wrote to each other, your first photograph as a couple… Gather all of these and put them in an airtight box. Hide it someplace that’s not in plain sight or bury it in your backyard. Years later, when you dig it up, all the sweet memories will come rushing back to you!

9. Be strangers again…

Once in a while, pretend to be strangers. Meet in a coffee shop or at a restaurant, flirt with each other and fall in love all over again. 9 things to do with your boyfriend

10. Go to an amusement park together

Because you need to keep the child in you alive! Even if you are a tad scared of rides, give them a shot. Yell, laugh… Go crazy. You will come back with a sack full of memories.

11. Sing together… Like no one’s listening

You don’t have to be Beyonce and Jay Z! Sing your heart out and just concentrate on having fun. It will de-stress your boyfriend and you too and will make you feel upbeat and alive. 11 things to do with your boyfriend

12. Indulge in a little game of footsie when you’re out

Because what’s love without a little mischief, right? *Wink*

13. Make your own code words!

Invent cute, goofy, senseless words for when you want to communicate something to each other in a public setting. Sure, other people may think you’ve gone a bit mad, but who cares, right? 13 things to do with your boyfriend GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy