Post-Shaadi Glam: 10 FAB Hairstyles For The Newlywed Girl!

Sonali Pawar

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Every new bride wants to look gorgeous as ever, even after the big day. Apart from all the stunning outfits and makeup, a newlywed girl should also keep in mind some of the hairstyles she can wear with these outfits for all those post-shaadi outings. We want you to look absolutely wonderful on the days after your wedding and for that, we have some amazing hairstyles ideas. These hairstyles will suit every face shape and will look chic with any kind of outfit you choose to wear.

1. Messy braid

1 hairstyle ideas - Bipasha Basu

Image: Bipasha Basu on Instagram

Ladies, you’re going to look absolutely gorgeous in a messy braid. Ditch your regular braids and instead go for a side-swept messy one. Make sure to tie it loosely so that it easily gives that messy look.

2. Love me some curls

2 hairstyles ideas - sonam kapoor

Simple but beautiful, this hairstyle is super easy to do. All you have to do is part your hair from the middle and take a section of hair from both the sides and twist it once. Then pin your hair to the back of your head. You can either leave your hair as it is or curl it, to add some bounce.

3. The sleek ponytail

3 hairstyle ideas - Jacqueline Fernandez

Image: Jacqueline Fernandez on Instagram

Ladies, a ponytail is not meant to be worn only with western wear. You can also pull it off with Indian clothes and we bet, you’ll look gorgeous. Straighten your hair so that you get the sleek look and tie a high ponytail. Also, make a slight pouf so that your hair doesn’t look greasy or flat and gives you a chic look.

4. Lovely waves

4 hairstyle ideas - Parineeti Chopra

Image: Parineeti Chopra on Instagram

Pair a pretty blouse with messy waves cascading down your shoulders. Part your hair from the side and bring one side of your hair to the front. To give your hair some bounce, curl it to make it look slightly messy and glam. You can use a hair spray so that your hair is properly set and leaves a subtle shine.

5. Half up, half down

5 hairstyle ideas - Deepika Padukone

Image: Deepika Padukone on Instagram

The half up half down hairdo never goes out of style, ladies. You can always add a bit of a twist to the old school hairdos. Part your hair from the side and create a slight pouf to the hair you’re going to pin up. After you’re done, set it with a spray and pin it up to the back of your head. This hairdo will go with all your post wedding outfits and you’ll look gorge!

6. Sleek does it!

6 hairstyle ideas - Sonakshi Sinha

Image: Sonakshi Sinha on Instagram

Ladies, if you don’t know already, the sleek hairstyle is in vogue. You can spot so many celebrities sporting this hairdo and we believe you would look no less than a celeb after your wedding. Straighten your hair so that it looks oh-so-sleek and make a deep middle parting. See, this hairstyle is super duper easy and you’ll look uh-mazing!

7. Twisted bun

7 hairstyle ideas - Anushka Sharma

Image: Anushka Sharma on Instagram

If you love buns, then add a twist to it (quite literally!). Part your hair from the middle and take small sections from both the sides and twist it in a rope-like manner and pin it to the back. Also, comb the rest of the hair to the back and make a messy bun at the nape of your neck and tie it all together. It’ll look extra pretty when paired with gorgeous chaandbalis.

8. Braided crown

8 hairstyle ideas - alia bhatt

For the new bride who absolutely loves braids, this chic hairstyle will make you look stunning! Side part your hair and from one side start making a french braid at your crown. When you reach near your ear, stop braiding and pin up your hair. You can then make a side ponytail and let your hair fall from your shoulder.

9. The classy chignon

9 hairstyles ideas - Malaika Arora Khan

Image: Maneka Harisinghani on Instagram

Who doesn’t love a sexy chignon? Look oh-so-classy with a knotted chignon which is easy to do. Part your hair from the side and tie a bun at the nape of your neck. You can even make a knotted bun and pin it up properly. Also, make sure to leave a few strands of hair from the front to add to that classy look.

10. For the love of waves

10 hairstyle ideas - Aditi Rao Hydari

Image: Aditi Rao Hydari on Instagram

Look absolutely wonderful in this wavy hairdo that will make you feel so pretty. It will also go with all kinds of outfits that you decide to wear for the days after your shaadi. Part your hair from the middle and pin some of it to the back, like you would do while making a half and half down hairstyle. Spritz some sea salt spray to the rest of your hair and scrunch to give a slightly messy and wavy look.
Published on Apr 19, 2017
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