What To Do For GREAT Skin - 13 Simple, Effective, Amazing Tips For Skin Care!

What To Do For GREAT Skin - 13 Simple, Effective, Amazing Tips For Skin Care!
This story was updated in February 2019. Girls, getting skincare right is no easy feat and in all honesty, it can be pretty intimidating. It’s overwhelming with so many creams, balms, oils and whatnot out there, right? While building an ideal routine can be personalized, we give you a list of best skin care products to get you started. It’ll help you out if you’re utterly confused about caring for your skin well. Feel free to pick and choose to get closer to the clear, glowing skin of your dreams!

13 Pro Tips For Skin Care To Get The Glowing Skin Of Your Dreams

Kick start your skincare with these 13 easy, simple and effective tips to get a flawless skin in no time.

1. Start With A Good Cleanser!

1. skincare products Whether you have sensitive skin, are confused about your skin type or just want a basic cleanser that will not let you down, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is one product you can’t go wrong with. It’s not harsh on your skin and is pretty much every dermatologist’s favourite too. But if you’re looking for something creamier or milkier (especially if your skin is dry), then L’Oreal Paris Gentle Cleansing Milk is a super pick.  
Price: Rs 431. Buy it here.

2. Or Try A Cleansing Balm…

2. skincare products These have become quite a rage of late! It’s because they are great at removing dirt, grime and oil without drying your skin, like so many cleansers do. They’re also easy to use - just apply on dry skin, massage and wipe off with a wet cloth, if you don’t want to rinse. This one by Clinique is great for all skin types. It comes with a non-greasy, non-drying formula that will thoroughly cleanse your skin. The only drawback is, most cleansing balms available in India are quite pricey. Nonetheless, they’re very effective. Price: Rs 2,950. Buy it here.

3. Top That Up With A Toner

Biotique-skin-care-tips Toners are important to keep your skin fresh, prevent blackouts, tighten pores and provide smoothness. They replenish your skin with what cleansing removes. However, it’s important to stay away from ingredients such as alcohol, witch hazel and menthol which are common in many toners - they can be super harsh and aggravate your skin. This one by Biotique is a safe bet. Price: Rs 175. Buy it here.

4. Or Just Try Rose Water

4. skincare products Rose water is a fantastic natural toner that is gentle on the skin and will leave it looking fresh and smelling amazing. If you don’t want to experiment with different toners or have sensitive skin, rose water is a super choice.
Price: Rs 275. Buy it here.

5. And Then Use A Good Moisturizer

5. skincare products We don’t need to tell you twice why moisturizing is so essential for healthy skin. Use one that is oil-free to save yourself from that greasy shine. Find one that is easily absorbed, to keep your skin hydrated, happy and looking fresh. Neutrogena’s oil-free moisturizer is one you can use without a second thought. Price: Rs 432. Buy it here.

6. Micellar Water For All Its Multi-Tasking Goodness

6. skincare products If you would prefer trying a cleanser that moisturizes and removes your makeup at the same time, then you need to get your hands on a bottle of awesome micellar water. It’s made up of micelles that are micro balls of cleansing oil molecules that are attracted to oil and dirt, thus drawing them out of the skin but without drying it out. It’s also awesome to remove makeup thanks to its gentle, moisturizing properties. However, it can’t remove stubborn waterproof makeup, though it’s perfect to travel with, since you don’t need water to use these bottles of magic. Price: Rs 545. Buy it here.

7. A Good Makeup Remover

7. skincare products You need a good makeup remover to take off stubborn mascara and other waterproof makeup. By now, you all know the importance of removing your makeup before hitting the sack for the sake of young-looking, healthy skin. This one by Clarins may be a bit pricey but it’s better than most makeup removers you’ll ever use.
Price: Rs 1,972. Buy it here.

8. Or Just Good ol’ Makeup Wipes

8. skincare products Okay, these are pretty much our fave to get rid of makeup. Just be sure not to rub your eyes or skin too hard with them. Keep them by your bedside so you can remove your makeup, off your pretty face, no matter how exhausted or drunk you are! *Wink* Price: Rs 425. Buy it here.

9. Look After Your Delicate Eyes

9. skincare products Girls, you may think you don’t need to start worrying about this till much later in life, but trust us, you do. Your 20s are an important time to set the tone for younger looking skin in your 30s, 40s and so forth. To avoid crow’s feet, puffiness and dark circles, you need an awesome eye cream, at least by your mid-twenties, to give this delicate area the extra moisture that it needs. Price: Rs 1,278. Buy it here.

10. A Serum For That Glow

10. skincare products Serums are amazing as they’re super concentrated with nutrients that penetrate deep, providing extra and instant moisturization to your skin. Because they are super concentrated and potent liquids, that deliver all sorts of goodness to your skin, they tend to be pretty pricey - but are worth it! They aim at different skincare concerns from acne to aging and will leave your skin brighter and much healthier. Use them once a day - in the day or night, depending on the product of your choice. We think they’re an awesome investment to give your skin some extra love. Price: Rs 3,650. Buy it here.

11. Add A Mask To Your Routine

11. skincare products A mask should be used once or twice a week to detoxify and brighten your skin. From charcoal masks to clay masks, there’s one for every skin type and skin concern. So whether you would love to fight blackheads, de-tan or just want to refresh dull skin, there’s a mask for you! You can also try sheet masks, that are super hydrating and will pamper your skin.
Price: Rs 1,023. Buy it here.

12. A Scrub For Smooth Skin

12. skincare products A good scrub once a week works wonders to achieve smoother, black-head free skin. It’s important to use it just once a week as you don’t want to irritate and aggravate your skin. If acne and pesky blackheads (especially on the nose) are a major concern, then it’s particularly helpful to incorporate a good scrub into your beauty routine. Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

13. Make Sunscreen Your BFF!

13. skincare products This one’s non-negotiable girls! Never, ever step out in the sun without protection. You may not see it now, but the sun will age your skin faster and cause damage that is irreversible. Be diligent with your sunscreen, the future you will be super thankful. Price: Rs 440. Buy it here. Get ready for healthy, happy skin! Featured Image: Shutterstock