15 FAB Lipstick Shades Every Bride Must Have! (No, Not Red)

Sharon Alphonso

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A new bride’s beauty kit should be as colourful as her married life. Apart from red, she must also own a variety of lipstick shades. The kind that speak volumes of her personality and go perfectly well with every occassion! Here are 15 lipstick shades for the bride to have in her beauty kit. (Psst...you’re going to LOVE all these pretty shades!)

1. Nykaa So Matte Nude Lipstick - Royal Honey

1 lipstick shades for the bride

If you swear by matte nude lipsticks, we think you should definitely pay attention to this lovely lipstick. It matches your natural lip colour to perfection and stays on for the entire day. We know that you’ll believe in love at first sight as soon as you hold this baby in your hands.

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

2. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick - Burgundy Blush

2 lipstick shades for the bride

There are two types of brides - one, that loves subtle and soft lipstick shades, and the other kind that goes for bold, deep and dark shades. If you are the latter type, then this lipstick shade is perfect for you!

Price: Rs 575. Buy it here.

3. Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color - Peaches n Cream

3 lipstick shades for the bride (1)

Trust us ladies, this salmon pink shade is heavenly! Infused with argan oil, your lips are going to be kept moist, protected and hydrated. Whether it’s going on a movie date with your hubby or catching up for lunch with the in-laws, this lip shade is bound to fetch you brownie points.

Price: Rs 750. Buy it here.

4. Maybelline New York Superstay 24 Color 2 Step Lipstick - So Sienna

4 lipstick shades for the bride

Looking for a lipstick that doesn’t bleed or fade away? This one’s a steal! A reddish-brown shade that makes your lips look fuller and sexy! You know what makes this rockstar even cooler? The fact that it has a lip balm attached to it!

Price: Rs 600. Buy it here.

5. Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick - Touche

5 lipstick shades for the bride

Infused with shea butter and almond extracts, your lips are going to be in for a treat! This satin lipstick not only looks like it’s fit for a fashionista, but it also does an amazing job at making your lips look their best at all times.

Price: Rs 549. Buy it here.

6. Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Lipstick - Yours Faithfully

6 lipstick shades for the bride

Show your faithfulness and loyalty to your studmuffin by wearing this gorgeous lip shade. It’s a dark maroon lipstick that makes your lips look so desirable and hot. The creamy, velvety texture also keeps the lips hydrated and comfy all day.

Price: Rs 779. Buy it here.

7. Lotus Herbals Color Style Chubby Lip Color - Scarlet Pink

7 lipstick shades for the bride

Every girl needs a pink lip shade that’s bold and loud like this one. You should totally give this one a shot because it’s free from harmful chemicals and contains no preservatives. Every time you apply this lipstick on your lips, they’ll feel soft, plump and smooth.

Price: Rs 495. Buy it here.

8. Chambor Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick - Rouge Grenadine

8 lipstick shades for the bride

Add the perfect pop of colour to your lips by picking up this lipstick. It’s a nice brick-pink shade that will compliment almost any outfit. Wear it to night parties and day time occasions too, and we bet that there will never be a time when you have to do a touch-up again. It provides full coverage to your lips and makes them look oh-so-pretty!

Price: Rs 845. Buy it here.

9. Colorbar Sheer Creme Lust Lipcolor - Orange Bliss

9 lipstick shades for the bride

No beauty kit is complete without a tangerine lip colour. Formulated with the combination of light oils and groundbreaking polymers, we bet your lips will want more of this lipstick. Since it’s a loud shade, try going minimal with the rest of your makeup and let your tangerine lips alone do the talking!

Price: Rs 750. Buy it here.

10. Makeup Revolution #Liphug - I Think You're Amazing

10 lipstick shades for the bride

Let your hubby know how amazing he his by give him a kiss on the lips after applying this stunning lipstick shade. It has a creamy texture and glides on your lips like butter. Very well pigmented and all you need is one coat to last you for the whole day.

Price: Rs 650. Buy it here.

11. Revlon Super Lustrous Leather Collection Lipstick - I'm Bubbly

11 lipstick shades for the bride

A bubbly, happy bride deserves a lipstick that defines her mood and personality. This girly barbie pink shade is packed with vitamins and mega moisturizers that give the lips a boost of  hydration. We think you should totally pick it up!

Price: Rs 599. Buy it here.

12. Note Mattemoist Lipstick - Miss Kiss

12 lipstick shades for the bride

If you use this amazing lipstick, you’ll have kissable lips in no time! Even though it’s available in 8 different shades, this one’s the best according to us! It’s free from parabens and gives your lips a nice matte finish without drying them out.

Price: Rs 550. Buy it here.

13. Inglot Matte Lipstick - 421

13 lipstick shades for the bride

Sure, baby pink and fuchsia look fabulous, but this pink is different - it’s dark and subtle. Not to forget that it contains Vitamin E, and macadamia and avocado oil. All these ingredients help nourish your lips and keep them hydrated all day long.

Price: Rs 1,150. Buy it here.

14. L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick - Sheer Plum

14 lipstick shades for the bride

Give yourself a break from pinks, reds and browns, and invest in a plum shade! This particular one makes your lips look soft, feminine and so elegant. No matter where you wear this shade to, you’re bound to bag many compliments.

Price: Rs 950. Buy it here.

15. SUGAR Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick - Poison Ivy (Wine)

15 lipstick shades for the bride

For the bold, confident bride, this shade is a must-have! It’s super long-lasting, has a soft, creamy texture, and is highly pigmented! You won’t have to worry about your lips bleeding, because this baby defines quality and looks classy if worn to a night occasion.

Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

Which of these are you going to buy FIRST?! We’d love to know! *Wink*
Published on Apr 04, 2017
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