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Just Married? 15 Super Cute Gifts To Make Your Husband Go WOW!

You’ve just gotten married and it’s a crazy, weird feeling. Life’s completely changed for the two of you, and for now you’re just going with the flow. We get it, sister! But, the first few days after the wedding are special and we’d like to help you make them worth remembering. Here’s how. Choose from this list of 15 super cool gifts to give your husband and surprise him by getting for him whatever you think he’ll like the best. Trust us, he’s gonna love the gesture.  

1. A cute little keychain for his closet.

1 gifts to give your husband

If you and your husband prefer separate closets for your wardrobes, gifting him this keychain is a good idea. Though a small gift, we bet it’ll bring a smile to his face.

Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

2. A visiting card holder that’ll leave ‘em impressed!

2 gifts to give your husband

A tiny brief case to keep his visiting cards safe? Now that’s a great addition to his work desk - one that’ll remind him of you even at work. You would like that, no?

Price: Rs 600. Buy it here.

3. Passport holder and tags for the honeymoon.

3 gifts to give your husband

Show him how excited (and prepared!) you are for the honeymoon with these personalised passport holders and name tags. They aren’t just cool, but a great way of keep your documents safe too.

Price: Rs 600. Buy it here.

4. Couple monogrammed champagne set

4 gifts to give your husband

Arrange a candle light dinner for him and ask him to pour you some wine in his new set of glasses. Your evening will turn out absolutely magical.  

Price: Rs 1,199. Buy it here.

5. A pen drive he’d love to show off!

5 gifts to give your husband

He’ll know his wife is the coolest ever every time he’ll put this quirky pen drive to use. How’s that for an amazing gift?

Price: Rs 699. Buy it here.

6. A romantic night lamp.

6 gifts to give your husband

It’s your turn to put a ring on him! This amazing lamp doesn’t just give out a soft yellow light, but can also be connected to laptops or USBs to play music. It’s all you need to set the perfect mood for the night.  

Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.  

7. Bookmarks for the Potterhead

7 gifts to give your husband

If he loves all things stationery, he will get very excited with this adorable bookmark. Plus, all other Potterheads will envy him for it.

Price: Rs 450. Buy it here.

8. Calendar to mark your journey together!

8 gifts to give your husband

Personalise a calendar with pictures of the two of you for every month here, or buy a pretty one to mark the beginning of your new life together.  

Price: Rs 500. Buy it here.  

9. Sexy game night!

9 gifts to give your husband

Let your kinky side take over with this exciting game of scratch tickets. Take our word, he’ll never want this game to end.  

Price: Rs 750. Buy it here.

10. Muscle mug for your muscle man.

10 gifts to give your husband

Coffee mugs can’t get cuter than this. You know he would love this, right?

Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.  

11. Perfect formal accessories!

11 gifts to give your husband

Now that you’re married, brace yourselves for the many dinners that’ll follow. This set will come in handy at all formal events you’ll attend and will help your husband look super suave.   

Price: Rs 3,300. Buy it here.

12. His little grooming kit.

12 gifts to give your husband

This kit is what beard dreams are made of! It will help him grow a longer, softer and more manageable mane, and seriously what more can a man ask for?

Price: Rs 585. Buy it here.

13. A sophisticated leather wallet.

13 gifts to give your husband

So that every time he pulls it out, he thinks of you and your sweet, little gesture. And when it looks as hot as this one, you know you’ve got to get him one.   

Price: Rs 1,035. Buy it here.

14. Smell like a dream.  

14 gifts to give your husband

Get him a classic perfume that suits his personality, like this one right here. Be rest assured, you will find yourself making excuses to stay closer to him than ever before. 

Price: Rs 2,800. Buy it here.

15. A watch like no other!

15 gifts to give your husband

No matter how many watches he already has, he won’t mind another one. Add on another timeless piece to his collection, then and watch him flaunt it off.  

Price: Rs 11,495. Buy it here.

So, which one are you picking up for hubby dearest?
Published on Apr 14, 2017
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