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10 Beauty Habits Of Girls Who Have Clear & Healthy Skin!

10 Beauty Habits Of Girls Who Have Clear & Healthy Skin!
Have you ever looked at a girl with flawless skin and admired and also secretly envied her complexion? You’ve probably even tried every trick in the book and also experimented with a bunch of products, but you still can’t get your skin to look as gorgeous as her’s. Lucky for you, we know her secrets! Here are 10 little beauty habits to follow, just like all girls with flawless skin practice. Give them a shot today!

1. They Value Their Sleep

1 beauty habits No matter how busy they may be, getting a good 7-8 hour sleep is very important to them. Not getting enough of sleep can give you dark circles, puffy eyes and even worse, wrinkles! That’s why it’s important to go to bed early and wake up to fresh, glowing skin the morning after. Plus, getting good sleep also ensures a fresh mind and a radiant complexion.

2. They Drinks The Right Liquids

Sure doing shots on the weekend can be a fun way to beat the stress, but the same can’t be said for your skin. For that matter, even coffee is bad for your skin as it makes it look tired and bloated - and girls with great skin know this for a fact! We say, the best way to hydrate is by drinking lots of water and juices that are packed with assorted veggies and fruits.The greener it is, the healthier your skin will look and feel.

3. They Moisturize Everyday

3 beauty habits One habit that these girls stick to is moisturizing every single day! They can’t live without it simply because it benefits their skin immensely. It hydrates and makes their skin smooth, supple and baby soft. They usually prefer to moisturize their skin as soon as they step out of the shower or just before they go to sleep. In short, they love pampering their skin!

4. They Wash Their Face Every Night

Without fail, they wash their face every time they get home from a long day. The know for a fact that dirty skin can give rise to breakouts and excess oil. Hence without taking a chance, they cleanse at the end of a long day and exfoliate their skin twice a week. This helps clear layers of dead skin cells and gives skin a clearer complexion.

5. They Don’t Touch Sugar

5 beauty habits A girl with fabulous skin knows that sugar isn’t good for the skin because it can cause inflamations and give rise to acne. That’s why she’ll shift from sugary treats to foods like salads, fish, yoghurt and nuts. Eat light and healthy because the results show up on the skin. Foods that are packed with minerals, vitamins and protein, are her favourite!

6. They Swear By Sunscreen

They may leave the house without applying makeup, but not without SPF. They know very well that the harsh rays of the sun can damage and irritate skin, causing premature ageing and dullness. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, you’ll notice that they always wear sunscreen.

7. She Cleans Her Makeup Brushes

7 beauty habits Sure makeup brushes are the least susceptible objects, but if they aren’t clean, they could become a breeding field for germs and bacteria. When that comes in contact with your skin, you can be sure that pimples will soon follow. Hence, it’s important to keep your brushes squeaky clean once every week!

8. They Remove Their Makeup Before Going To Bed

Having makeup residue on your face is never a pleasant sign. If you didn’t know this yet, makeup can actually clog your pores and promote breakouts. This could also speed up the age process. Girls with pretty skin, ALWAYS remove their makeup, no matter how tired and sleepy they are, so that they have fresh, clear skin the next day.

9. They Don’t Touch Their Face!

9 beauty habits If you notice, you’ll never see them touch their face at all. They don’t pick at their skin and they certainly don’t pop their zits. On the contrary, they let their skin be and wash or use a wet wipe to soothe any itch. The less you touch your face, the better because you won’t be spreading germs and dust with your fingertips.

10. They Stay Away From Hot Showers

As relaxing as it sounds, they’ll rarely take a hot shower. The heat strips skin from its natural oils and dries it up, making it look older and duller. They rather stick to lukewarm water as it’s much gentler on the skin and there’s a lesser chance of skin getting irritated and flaky. Images: Shutterstock