10 Beauty Habits To Look *Drop Dead Gorgeous* On Your Wedding!

10 Beauty Habits To Look *Drop Dead Gorgeous* On Your Wedding!
From the day you get engaged, every bride-to-be begins to chalk out her fitness and beauty regime. The workout schedules, parlour appointments and multiple homemade hair and skin packs are on your mind, and work in that direction begins with a bang. So brides-to-be, as far as your beauty plan goes, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we give you 10 easy beauty habits every bride must follow in order to look drop dead gorgeous on the big day. Get ready to shine, beauties!

1. CTM Every. Single. Day

1 beauty habits This one’s got to be your pre-bedtime beauty routine. First, cleanse your face with a face wash that suits your skin type. Next, use a toner all over your face and neck that will cleanse any open pores thoroughly and maintain the pH balance of your skin. Lastly, moisturize your face and give it the necessary hydration boost that it needs. This could be done with your fave face cream or a good essential oil too. Following this routine on a daily basis will make your skin glow like never before. And don’t you want that for your wedding day, ladies?

2. Sunscreen’s a must

Be it cloudy, sunny or a cold, gloomy day, wearing sunscreen when stepping outdoors is a must. Opt for an oil-free, non-sticky one and use it everyday. This will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun (which include dullness and aging), and ensure that it is wedding ready!

3. Face mask mania

3 beauty habits Ladies, there are umpteen hydrating and extremely nourishing face masks in the market that will make your skin look plump and bright. Masks act as an instant pick-me-up for your skin, and using these regularly will give you the ultimate bridal glow, we promise!

4. Water wonderful

Keeping your body well hydrated is not only very healthy for your internal system, but its effects will also show up on your hair and skin, ladies. Guzzling 3-4 litres of water on a daily basis flushes out all the toxins from your body and gives a massive health boost to your exterior. Keep drinking this magic liquid and glow on, soon-to-be bride.

5. Hot oil massage

5 beauty habits This is for both, your head and the rest of your body. The goodness of essential oils massaged into your scalp, hair and body works like magic. Heat up your choice of oil (depending on your skin and hair type), massage it into your body and leave in on for an hour. Wash after and watch your skin shine. Do this once a week and say hello to that healthy glow just in time for D-day.

6. Scrub it up

Be it homemade scrubs or store-bought ones, scrubbing your face and body once a week will give it an even-toned, polished look that’s just what you want for your wedding day. This will help remove the layers of dead skin, and cleanse your skin of all the dirt and grime too, making it look fresh and bright.

7. Frequent facials

7 beauty habits Once you’re engaged, fix your regular facial appointments to give an extra health boost to your skin. Consult your dermatologist regarding the type of facials your skin needs and have them done. A facial once a month should do the trick and make you look nothing but stunning, on the big day.

8. Eat right

Ladies, we cannot stress enough on the importance of this. It is believed that the condition of your skin and hair shows how healthy you are from the inside. Consuming good amounts of protein (fish, eggs, chicken and pulses), loading up on fruits and green vegetables should give you the desired results. On the other hand, steer clear of alcohol, oily snacks and junk food. This health spree is sure to give you the desired bridal glow!

9. Cardio sessions

9 beauty habits Working out regularly releases the good hormones, removes all toxins from the body and gives the face a flushed look. We suggest you sign up at the gym or go for a half-an-hour run on a daily basis if you want your body and skin to look gorgeous on your special day.

10. Stress less, sleep more

We all know that wedding planning has its fair share of stress and drama. Brides-to-be, don’t let this get to you. Because if it does, it’s sure to show up on your face. Calm down, delegate all the wedding work and just breathe. Aside from that, make it a point to sleep for at least 7-8 hours every night because getting enough rest is imperative for good skin and hair. You’re getting married - give us a big smile and be happy, girl! Internal Images: Shutterstock