10 Style *Secrets* Every Curvy Girl Swears By!

10 Style *Secrets* Every Curvy Girl Swears By!
Admit it girls - being blessed with a fuller figure is the best! However, fashion magazines tend to only offer fashion tips for petite women. So, we decided it was time to change that. Here are 10 amazing fashion secrets for curvy girls, you should swear by. It’s time to embrace the curves you were born with and kill it at the style game!

1. Invest in good lingerie

1 fashion secrets for curvy girls Image: Shutterstock Lingerie is the first thing we wear before we put on our outfit for the day. Yet, so many of us take our undergarments for granted and don’t pay much attention to them. If you want to do justice to that gorgeous dress in your closet, you’ve got to wear lingerie that suits your body. Need some help? Click here for tips on how to pick the right lingerie!

2. Experiment with sizes

Sizes differ from brand to brand. Just because size 14 generally fits you, doesn’t mean you can’t try a size smaller at another store. It might just fit you and look great! If you stick to a certain size you might be missing out on clothes that might flatter your body better. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose!

3. Dress for your body type

3 fashion secrets for curvy girls Image: Shutterstock We’re all blessed with different sizes. What suits another girl might not do justice to your figure. Find out what your problem areas are and which part of your body you’re most confident about. The secret is to dress in a way that you highlight the areas you want to show off.

4. Footwear is key

Footwear has the power to make or break your look. Always choose footwear that blends well with your outfit. If it draws too much attention, it might make you look shorter than you are and might add a few pounds to your look visually. Neutral colours, open-toed footwear and pointy shoes will always work in your favour!     

5. Bodysuits are your best friends

5 fashion secrets for curvy girls Image: Shutterstock Bodysuits can do wonders when worn under bodycon dresses. For a smooth, seamless finish, wear a bodysuit under a dress and avoid any visible bra and panty lines. Bodysuits act as great shapewear as they enhance your curves!  

6. Get the basics right

Just like good lingerie, investing in good classic pieces will go a long way. It could be a simple vest, a white tee or leggings. Make sure you choose a stretchable fabric that has a smoother finish, instead of going for a clingy one. Once you’ve got the basics right, you can always experiment with layering.   

7. Give crop tops a shot

7 fashion secrets for curvy girls Image: Shutterstock You might be thinking this is a really bad idea, but hear us out ladies! Showing your midriff always adds height to your look. Crop tops show just the right amount of your curves and add a sexy touch. There’s no reason for you to not show off those curves! Pair a crop top with a high-waist bottom and add a layer on top, to perfect the look.

8. Goodbye baggy clothes!

Most of us think that wearing loose clothes will cover bulges and make us look slim. The truth is, wearing baggy clothes will only make you look broader than you are. Say goodbye to baggy clothes and instead, invest in clothes that flatter your curves!  

9. Always keep wide belts handy

9 fashion secrets for curvy girls Image: Ashley Graham on Instagram Wide belts should be your go-to accessory for any kind of styling dilemma. Add a structured look to any outfit, that you think needs a little tailoring, by wearing a wide belt with it. It’s a great way to highlight your waist and flatter your curves!   

10. Wear what you like!  

Last but not the least, always wear outfits that you are comfortable in! No matter what’s trending, if you don’t feel like you’ll be comfortable wearing a certain type of dress, avoid it. Feeling conscious will bring down your confidence and kill the look entirely. Wear what you’re comfortable in and what makes you feel confident!