Zara vs Forever 21: THIS Is *Our* Verdict!

Zara vs Forever 21: THIS Is *Our* Verdict!
Saying that we love Zara and Forever 21 would be an understatement! Obsessed, is more like it! Whenever we need to shop, these two stores are the first ones we want to visit at the mall! While some may lean towards Forever 21 and others flock straight to Zara, the war between which one is better is never ending. Which one has better styles? Which one is cheaper? Well, we don’t know about you, but here’s our verdict!

1. When you find the perfect top...

At Forever 21: The top is beautiful, you like the print and you can totally wear it for an upcoming party. But if you’re a size S or an M, finding the ‘perfect’ top in your size will be the toughest thing in the world! At Zara: You’ll find a super chic top to wear, perfect for the weekend. In fact, you’ll almost always also find the perfect size for yourself too. It might be a little out of your budget, but in the end, it’ll be a good investment to make. 1 zara and forever 21

2. When it comes to checking the price tags

At Forever 21: You won't believe your luck! Shoes for just 800 bucks?! Almost everything over here is so much cheaper than any other store!    At Zara: Most of the time we cross our fingers and check the price tag ‘coz more often than not, it’s going to burn a hole in our pockets. But sometimes, when a dress is just perfect, we’ll buy it and maybe buy one top less!

3. Online shopping be like...

At Forever 21: It’s time to proceed to payment, you’ve got a dress, two tops, a pair of socks but then you see a watermelon printed makeup pouch... And you go back to shopping again! Now that’s why shopping at Forever 21 will surely take a while!  
At Zara: Their collection is so chic! You’ll glance through all the pretty dresses and tops only to realize that you can’t really place orders on their website. Uh-oh! 3 zara and forever 21

4. That moment when you enter the store...

At Forever 21: You won’t know where to start because there are SO many clothes to choose from! You might decide to take a walk and see which section is where before you really start shopping. Only to realize there’s another floor to it!    At Zara: Now that’s what you call an organized store! The music adds to the ambience and will surely get you in the mood to shop. You shouldn’t take too long to shop because it’ll be quite easy to find what you’re looking for. Oh and you’re definitely going to love the TRF section.

5. The trial room queues!

At Forever 21: The trial room queue at a Forever 21 store is never ending. You’ll almost start to consider if you really need to try all the clothes in your shopping basket! At Zara: Unless there’s a sale, the queues ain’t long here, guys! Not much waiting, no waste of time and you can totally catch a movie after you’re done shopping.
5 zara and forever 21

6. When you finally reach the trial room  

At Forever 21: After being subjected to so many people going in and out, the trial room starts to look rather messy and feels a little stuffy too! You start to wonder why some people don’t have the courtesy to not leave behind unwanted clothes in the room. At Zara: Their trial room is spacious and quite beautiful! You will try the dress, maybe twirl around, pose and admire yourself! Once you’re done with that, you may start to wonder if the dress actually looks good on you or if it’s the lights in their trial room? Nonetheless, you’re still going to end up buying the dress in all probability.

7. When you want to buy matching lingerie...

At Forever 21: After going through a couple of floral, lacy and absolutely see-through lingerie pieces, you might feel like there’s nothing for you in this store. But don’t give up yet, you need to search a bit longer to find the perfect bra to wear under that dress! At Zara: You’re really not going to find the perfect halter bra or even a basic bra to wear over here. Yep, Zara doesn’t keep lingerie. We really wish they did though.
7 zara and forever 21

8. Who’s buying from here?

At Forever 21: There are way too many teenagers in here. Mostly young girls who’ll be looking for the right dress to wear this weekend or for the next big music fest. You’ll scrutinize every girl’s outfit and realize how trend-led their customers are!      At Zara: You’ll find people of almost all age groups here. You’ll spot a girl shopping with her mother and another one shopping with her boyfriend. Zara has something for everyone. Which makes it a good place to go shopping with everyone from your parents to your friends to bae!    

9. When you wear the dress you just bought...

Forever 21: You should probably keep your fingers crossed and hope you don’t bump into someone wearing the same dress! Because let’s face it, girls love shopping at Forever 21!    Zara: You should probably keep your fingers crossed and hope you don’t bump into someone wearing the same dress! Because let’s face it, girls love shopping at Zara! 9 zara and forever 21

10. Time for shoe shopping!  

At Forever 21: The shoe section at Forever 21 looks like a walk in closet. You’ll want to keep walking here foreverrr! At Zara: There is no section for shoes separately per se. The shoes are  displayed and scattered around the store. You might have to walk around the store a couple of times to be sure you haven’t missed out on anything!

11. The quality test!

Forever 21: It’s going to take a while to convince your mother to like that floral top you just bought. But considering it probably isn’t that expensive, she’ll be fine with it soon. Anyway, clothes you buy from here aren’t going to last longer than the summer. Zara: Clothes you buy from Zara are surely an investment. They may be a little expensive for your liking, but you have to admit that whatever you buy from here will last you a couple of years for sure! 11 zara and forever 21

12. When you want to buy something for your mother

At Forever 21: You’re never going to find something suitable for your mother’s liking here! No matter how much you may like that sunflower printed jumpsuit, it’s pretty unlikely that your mom would ever wear it. Really not the best place to shop for her!   At Zara: You might go in with the intention of buying a dress for your mother, but you’ll end up picking a top for your sister as well! It ain’t easy to let go of beautiful clothes when you’re shopping. Also, two is always better than one, right?

13. How accessible is the brand?

Forever 21: Forever 21 is definitely more accessible to girls all around the country. Though they currently have only 12 physical stores in India, their website makes their apparel easily available across India. Zara: Zara currently has 18 physical stores in India which is 6 more than Forever 21. But due to the fact they their online website doesn’t deliver, they automatically lose this one! 13 zara and forever 21 This is what we think about Zara and Forever 21. What do you have to say? Let us know! Images: Giphy, Tumblr, Shutterstock