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Confessions Of A Girl Who Used The Same Face Wash For 10 Years!

Confessions Of A Girl Who Used The Same Face Wash For 10 Years!

The first time I tried a face wash was when I was merely 15. My sister was 22 and she wanted to upgrade from using a soap on her face to using a face wash. So she went and bought the Garnier Skin Naturals’ Exfoliating face wash that came with eucalyptus leaf extract, because it seemed ‘the most natural and least chemical-y’ to her. The cleanser was for combination to oily skin and also had microbeads in it - that made it a great scrubbing, foaming product.
The first time I used it, it made my skin feel amazing! I had a lot of acne back then, especially on my forehead that just never seemed to go away. And as a teenager, pimples are probably the biggest problems you face. I ditched my dermatologist’s prescription and started using this product instead, and in a week the acne had reduced! In fact, I remember recommending it to all my friends. So, for one year, I used this non-stop, buying bottle after bottle without giving it a second thought. After a good workout or a long day in the sun and sand, washing off all the dirt and dust with this made my skin feel so much better, cleaner, clearer and gave it a nice glow too! I was never much of a beauty junkie and I never used too many products… But only after I started using this face wash did I realize the value of having found the one product that can transform your skin. 1 why I never changed my face wash Why was I never tempted to try other products, you think? Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. My friends and my sister were always trying on new products and I realized pretty soon that experimenting with your face was probably not the best idea. They ended up getting a rash or a breakout of pimples, thanks to experimenting with face washes and other skincare products. I wasn’t up for that, at all! My face wash and I were in a pretty steady relationship for years until the manufacturer decided to mess things up between us. I had been using the product for several years now with no regrets, but one fine day, I went to the store to refill my stock and I couldn’t find it. From store to store and counter to counter I looked everywhere and the product was actually out of stock! I checked online, other markets, told friends to search for it where they lived, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in Delhi NCR!
I was pretty sad to know this and thought the company had stopped manufacturing it. As a last resort, I considered using a similar product from the brand but ended up tweeting to the company instead. And to my luck, they responded saying they were having an issue re-stocking it but would be happy to send me a few since I was such a loyal customer. You can’t imagine how happy that made me and what a great feeling it was to have got my favourite product right in time before I ran out of it! They sent me a dozen bottles, enough for another year, making me the happiest girl on the planet! And that sort of affirmed my belief in the product and in the brand. So what if there are new products launched all the time that claim to do amazing things for your skin? If a product makes you and your skin feel great, there’s no need to rock the boat with experimentation, right? This is why I never changed my face wash in all these years, and still don’t feel the need to!
Published on Mar 4, 2017
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