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The REAL Reason Guys Want Girls To Talk *Dirty* To Them!

The REAL Reason Guys Want Girls To Talk *Dirty* To Them!

While having sex, or even during any kind of foreplay, every guy feels like all of his senses are a bit heightened, and they're all being pleasured at the same time. Your body is a treat for our sore eyes, we can smell that signature scent of yours and you taste oh-so-delicious! Touch is just everywhere, all the time, and to hear your moans is such a delight.
But what if we heard more than just your moans? How much more of a delight would it be to actually hear you talk dirty to us? If you want an honest answer, ladies, it makes the experience twice as great. Honestly! And if you want to know why, you're in the right place! 1 guys love dirty talk Let's get the obvious reason guys love dirty talk out of the way - it's hot. Plain and simple, HOT. To hear you use words you wouldn't ever use in public is absolutely mind-blowing. We get chills just thinking about it. It not only turns us on like crazy but it also makes us feel super special. Because this isn't a side of you that everyone knows about, but you picked us and allowed us to see it. You let go of your inhibitions completely to be able to do this and that makes us go absolutely wild. Then, of course, there's the fact that it's insanely encouraging and helpful! The things you say aren't just making things hotter but actually better because we get to know exactly what you're loving and what you want us to do to you. It's like you're providing us with a key to making this the best sex ever for you - and we're so, so on board with that! 2 guys love dirty talk
There are a few other reasons we love it too. One of them is that it's something different from the usual - it adds a bit of excitement, takes us by surprise each and every time, and keeps us on our toes. Also, let's not forget, the kind of guts and confidence it takes to say those things in bed makes you even sexier in our minds. There's a last reason - one so tiny, it's not even worth mentioning really. When you talk dirty to us we kinda feel like we have a better sex life than anyone else in the world. And that's pretty much it, ladies! Images: ShutterstockGiphy, Tumblr
Published on Mar 3, 2017
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