#HeSays: 10 Reasons Most Guys *Don’t* Talk During Sex!

#HeSays: 10 Reasons Most Guys *Don’t* Talk During Sex!
Yes, yes, we know you're curious about it, ladies. So here, let us reveal today why guys are quiet during sex! It's a mix of many reasons, of course. And some of them vary from guy to guy. But these 10 are the top reasons guys don't say all that much in the middle of sex.

1. It's a bit awkward.

We're so used to being quiet while masturbating that it's just the norm for us. Stepping away from it feels a bit unnatural and awkward, ladies. Can't help it!

2. And embarrassing.

When you watch movies or even porn, you always hear the girl screaming during sex and never the guy. We don't know why this is, but it creates a certain limitation in our minds.

3. We're too focused on doing things right.

We want to make the sex awesome - for you and for ourselves. And that requires a lot of effort, to be honest. Everything else just goes out of the window. 3 why guys are quiet during sex

4. We're not relaxed enough to.  

We get the idea that to be very vocal during sex, you need to be a bit relaxed and...lost in pleasure. We really don't feel that way. For us, we're extra aware of everything.

5. It feels...fake.

Even if we consciously try to say something, it feels fake to our ears. And that ends up making us feel a bit distracted, which, in turn, makes the sex a little more average than we would like.

6. Because we aren't very vocal to begin with.

Well, yeah. Even in a completely non-sexual situation we tend to be the quieter one of the two genders, and we suppose that trait carries over to the bedroom as well. 6 why guys are quiet during sex

7. We much prefer being vocal during other times.

Like during foreplay or phone sex - when we can dirty talk to our heart's desire. Or even blow jobs - that's our more relaxed, moaning time.

8. We're listening out for clues.

Ladies, you're amazingly vocal during sex. And we love it more than we would like to admit. And your moans and the things you say during sex definitely help us be better in bed. So we're always keeping our mouths shut and ears open for them!

9. It's because we're controlling ourselves.

The urges we have during sex can be a bit extreme. We want to do some crazy kinky thing sometimes. We don't want to orgasm too quickly at other times. Being quiet during sex helps us control those urges! 9 why guys are quiet during sex

10. We don't really see a reason to!

Some of us know what it does in terms of making sex more exciting for you. But many of us don't really see the point of it. If you ladies would explain it to us, though… Things might change. Slowly. GIFs: Giphy, Shutterstock